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Shymkent City Theatre of Puppets and Young Spectators

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Theater repertoire

Address: Shymkent, Kazybek B Street, 34.

Contact number: 8 7252 53 94 77.

Bus stop: Ken Baba Park station.

Distance from the station: 450 meters.

Entrance: Tauke Khan Avenue side.

Shymkent City Puppet and Young Spectator Theatre were opened in 1983 in the city of Shymkent. In 1984, the first performance was "Ku-ka-re-ku" by G. Landau.

In the repertoire of the theatre with a 35-year history for today about 150 performances in Kazakh and Russian languages of domestic and foreign authors. They: "Kerkula ata Kendebay" by A. Faizullaula, "The Bird of Happiness" by A. Malyuchenko, "Leather and Sports" by O. Aubakirov, "The Magic Lamp of Aladdin" by N. Gernet, "Teremok" by S. Marshak and many other performances.


Theatre Achievements: The team of the theatre in 1993 participated in the International Festival "Puppet and Shadow Theatres" in Turkey with the play by N.Orazalin "The Legend of the White Bird" and was awarded a diploma, in 2005 participated in the International Festival "Puppet and Shadow Theatres", held in Izmir (Turkey) with the play by S.Ospanov "Munlyk Zarlyk" and was awarded a diploma.

According to the results of work in 2014, the theater staff was recognized as "The best company of the year in the field of culture and art". At the regional festival of theaters "Theatrical Spring - 2015" with the performance of M.Maldybaeva "Golden Fish", was awarded in the category "Artistic Look". In 2015, the hard work of the team was evaluated, the theater entered the TOP-3 among medium enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was named the best third theater of the Republic and awarded the national certificate "Industry Leader-2015". The theater staff participated in the regional festival of professional theaters "Theatrical Spring - 2016" with the play by R.Otarbayev "Sagynysh Shobi", became the owner of the prize in the nomination "For the best illustration of patriotism".


In 2017 in the international festival of puppet theaters "Orteke" V held in the framework of the international exhibition "EXPO-2017" and in the festival "Turkey - the spiritual capital of the Turkic peoples" was presented the play "Alpamys" by B. Alpamys. The play "Alpamys" by B. Parmanov was presented at the international exhibition "EXPO-2017" and the play "Alpamys" by B. Parmanov was awarded in the nomination "Best Actor's Work" for the role of mother in the play, and director B. Parmanov was awarded in the nomination "Best Director's Work".

In 2018, as part of the Head of State's article "A Look into the Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness", the Puppet Theater took part in the theater festival "Theatre Spring - 2018". with the play "The Bird of Happiness" A. Malyuchenko and won the nomination "Acting Ensemble Unity" and actress Lushina was nominated for the title "For Best Supporting Female Role.

During the theatrical season, the city theater of puppets and the young audience goes on tour, staging productions for children from orphanages and children with disabilities.


The aim of the theatre is to give spiritual education to children and adolescents through theatrical productions, to shape the spiritual and aesthetic development of the generation, to promote national interest, to awaken interest in culture and art, and to instill from a young age a love for the homeland, respect for the country, the land, honesty, friendship, humanity and other human qualities.    

The theatre plays are staged every week.

The Shymkent City Theatre of Puppets and Young Spectators is one of the most favorite places for young residents of Shymkent.