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Aktobe regional drama theatre. T. Akhtanov

Theater repertoire

Address: Akhtanova Street, 52.

Contact number: Ticket office +7(7132)74-91-16, Reception +7(7132)74-91-19

Bus stop: Pushkin Park station.

Distance from the station: 360 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Akhtanov street.

Parking: ground parking above the theatre. It is free of charge. Entrance from the side of Akhtanov Street.


History of the theater. Akhtanova

In 1935, at the suggestion of People's Commissar T.Zhurgenov, the Kazakh Musical Drama Theater was first opened in Aktobe. From 1936 to 1941, under the leadership of the first director of the theater G. Omarov, productions of Kazakh classics were performed, such as «Enlik — Kebek», «Kozy Korpesh — Bayan Sulu», «Amangeldy», «Kyz Zhibek», «Isatai Makhambet» and others.
In 1941, due to the beginning of the Second World War, the Kazakh theater was closed.

In 1943, the first attempt was made to open a Russian drama theater. The management of the Dnepropetrovsk Music and Drama Theater, which is in evacuation in Aktobe, helped to assemble the troupe. A bright acting group from Ust-Kamenogorsk, led by director N.I.Kurgansky, joined the troupe. The audience was won over by the actors P. Elagin, N. Baeva, A. Nemirovskaya, S. Rimneva, D. Repnina with their skill. In addition to the obligatory Soviet supplies, plays by A.Ostrovsky, A. Chekhov, N.V. Gogol were staged on the stage.
In 1948, the Russian theater ceased to exist, due to the hardships of the post-war period.

In 1965, according to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR No. 707 (dated 10/13/1964), the regional Russian Drama theater was opened on the basis of the regional House of Culture, the first director of which was Vladimir Sergeevich Tikhonov.
In January 1966, the opening of the first theatrical season took place with a performance based on the play by A. P. Stein «Between the Showers» directed by B. V. Vinogradov.

In total, in the first theatrical season, the troupe of 29 people performed 9 productions. The first troupe of the theater included L. Belova, Honored Artist of the Dagestan ASSR K. Bogachova, O. Bogdanova, S. Bogomolova, L. Dvorchuk, I. Merkulova, R. Potapova, L. Shengelidze, E. Fedorova, S. Bakin, A. Bogachev, V. Volya, G. Grishin, N. Guadin, E. Dokukina, L. Kadrov, V. Kolesnik, V. Litvinenko, M. Omelnitsky, V. Posnov, G. Rychkov, V. Solovyov, L. Tomingas, G. Labels, B. Khanutin, Honored Artist of Kaz. SSR E. Fedorova, L. Fomin.
In 1992, the Kazakh theater was reopened on the basis of the regional drama theater, Korlan Bolekov became the first director, and Dikhan Zhalekenov became the director. The first actors of the theater were: S.Amankulov, R.Taukebayeva, B.Yerzhanov, K.Amanturlin, A.Makhambetova, A.Kurmantayeva, B.Nurmagambetov. The Kazakh troupe opened its first theatrical season on July 18, 1992 with the performance of T. Akhtanov «Kushik kuyeu».
In 1997, the theater was named after the Kazakh playwright Takhaui Akhtanov, and in 1998, in accordance with the decision of the akim of the region, two acting troupes (Kazakh and Russian) were merged into one Aktobe Regional Drama Theater named after T.Akhtanov.
In February 2013, at the request of the management and creative staff, a creative laboratory was formed on the basis of the theater under the guidance of theater actress Olga Pavlova.

On March 31, 2013, by the Decree of the Akimat of the Aktobe region, the Aktobe Regional Theater of Variety Miniatures «Eki Ezu» and the Aktobe Regional Drama Theater named after T.Akhtanov were reorganized by merging. After the reorganization, the Aktobe Regional Drama Theater named after T.Akhtanov was headed by the founder of the theater «Eki Ezu», a cultural worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nurlybek Zhubatkan, who led the theater until October 2017.
Since November 1, 2017, the theater has been headed by Kadirbayev Nurkhan Kenzhebayevich.
Today, two theater groups are working in the theater again: the Kazakh and Russian troupes.
The success of the creative team of the theater has been repeatedly awarded with prizes and awards. Aktobe actors confirmed their professional level at the Republican Theater Festival in 1987 in Petropavlovsk, the play «Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich» was awarded 1st place.

In 1996, at the Republican Festival in Pavlodar, the Russian troupe became the winner of the II degree, having played a play based on L. Hersh's play «These Free Butterflies».

In 2000, the Kazakh troupe became the winner of the Republican Theater Festival with the production of «Ayman-Sholpan».

In 2004. Yeltay Kemal, an artist of the theater, became a laureate of the XVII International Youth Festival «Shabyt» for staging and performing the main role based on the work of M.Mukatayev «Arpalys».

In 2005, at the Republican Festival in Kyzyl Orda, director S. Vittikh became a Laureate and was awarded for the best debut in the production of D. Banal's play "Merciless as a Heart".

In 2007, the Kazakh troupe became the winner of the Republican contest in the nomination «The best fairy tale» based on the play by K. Zhetpisbayev «Bala Mergen».

In 2012, at the IV International Theater Festival of Central Asian countries, held in Almaty, actress, Knight of the Order of «Kurmet» Raisa Teleuova for the role of the maid of Ponsia in the play by F. G. Lorca «The House of Bernarda Alba» became the winner of the nomination «Best Female role».

In 2013, at the XXI Republican Festival of Drama Theaters of Kazakhstan, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of T.Akhtanov, held in Aktobe. The Kazakh troupe of the theater was awarded with a special prize of the akim of Aktobe region" for a performance based on the play «Ant» by Takhavi Akhtanov. The winner in the nomination «Directorial debut» was B.Nurgaliyev for the performance based on the play by Olga Mark «Time is a bird»

In 2017 At the II Republican Festival of experimental productions Balausa, director Meiram Khabibullin became the winner in the nomination «Experimentaldy izdenisteri usin» for the play «Women's secret».

In 2018, at the International Theater Festival of Experimental Performances dedicated to the 95th anniversary of T.Akhtanov, actor Valikhan Kinzhibaev became the winner in the nomination «Best Supporting Actor» for the role of Chobra (G.Khugaev "Black Burka").

In 2017, at the World Festival of Children's and Puppet Theaters (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), the Kazakh troupe was awarded the Diploma «Kim Patsha?» (author A.Artykbaeva, directed by M.Habibullin).

2017 - at the Republican Independent Theater Festival «Open Area» (Shymkent), the creative laboratory «Ladder», existing at the theater named after T.Akhtanov, was awarded a diploma in the nomination «The best, newest model of the production» for the play «This is the whole me» (auth.And.Vyrypaev, staging, staging and musical arrangement of O.Pavlova's play)

2018 zhyly Almaty kalasynda Kazakhstan theatrlar associationsynyn uyymdastyruymen atken «Sakhnager-2018» baykauynda zhas actor B.Teleugaliev Ulttyk theater sylygynyn «Umit» nominationsynyn iegeri atandy.

2018 - Young actor Bagdat Telugaliyev became the winner of the National Theater Award «Hope» in the competition «Sakhnager-2018» (Almaty) organized by the Theater Association of Kazakhstan.

The value of any theater, its popularity with the audience is always determined by the presence of bright personalities in it.

An invaluable contribution to the development of theatrical art has been made: Honored Artist of Kaz.SSR, master of the stage - Brits Viktor Ivanovich, Cavaliers of the Order «Kurmet» Sh.Bakytzhanova, R.Teleuova, B.Aitova, M.Muzbaeva; awarded state medals «For labor distinction» M.Bakytzhanov and Excellent Student of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan D.Kusainova, masters of the stage S.Amankulov, L.Shipkova, Excellent students of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan – K.Baldairov, V.Kinzhibaev, M.Ilyasova, K.Kemalbayev, M.Muzbaeva, A.Nedyuzhina, A.Orazalin, O.Pavlova, P.Savitskaya, V.Sofina, A.Ulmiisekova.


Achievements of the Aktobe Drama Theater

All troupes are actively touring, including taking part in various festivals and competitions. Aktobe collectives have repeatedly become laureates of the republican magnitude.

They also distinguished themselves at the world level. So, in 2004, the artist Yeltay Kemal became a laureate of the International Youth Festival «Shabyt». The actor played the main role in the production of «Arpalys» by M. Mukatayev.

And in 2012, Raisa Teleuova proved her high level and became the winner in the nomination "Best Female Role" for the image of Poncia from the production of «The House of Bernarda Alba» by F. G. Lorca.

Many artists of the collective have state awards and titles of honored artists.


The poster of the Akhtanov Theater

Despite the apparent crowding, all three troupes have their own audience and put on appropriate performances. Here are just some of the works that can be seen on the stage of the theater:

F. M. Dostoevsky «Uncle's Dream»;
N. Zhubatkan «Commandos»;
D. Isabekov «Operation of warning».
So you can choose who to go for. And our service will help you buy tickets.