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Царевна Несмеяна Царевна Несмеяна
, от 1 500 тг. Царевна Несмеяна Театр "Сцена"
Путешествие на воздушном шаре Путешествие на воздушном шаре
, от 4 000 тг. Путешествие на воздушном шаре Пространство Трансформа
«Кот и лиса» «Кот и лиса»
, от 500 тг. «Кот и лиса» Shymkent City Theatre of ...
Клёпа+Лёля Клёпа+Лёля
, от 500 тг. Клёпа+Лёля Russian Drama Theatre. ...
Бір түп алма ағашы. Театр им. Аймаутова Бір түп алма ағашы. Театр им. ...
, от 1 000 тг. Бір түп алма ағашы. Театр им. ... J. Aymautov Theatre, Pavlodar
«Отпен ойнама» «Отпен ойнама»
, от 600 тг. «Отпен ойнама» J. Aymautov Theatre, Pavlodar
Братец Лис и братец Кролик (КАТМК) Братец Лис и братец Кролик ...
, от 400 тг. Братец Лис и братец Кролик ... KATMK
Проект «Апамның ертегілері» Проект «Апамның ертегілері»
, от 3 000 тг. Проект «Апамның ертегілері» Zhambyla Kazakh State ...
Интерактивная сказка «Поход в огород» Интерактивная сказка «Поход в ...
, от 2 000 тг. Интерактивная сказка «Поход в ... La Boheme Theatre
Король Лев (рус) Король Лев (рус)
, от 1 000 тг. Король Лев (рус) Nur-Sultan Puppet Theatre
Теневой мастер-класс для детей от Тотального театра Теневой мастер-класс для детей ...
, от 10 000 тг. Теневой мастер-класс для детей ... Тотальный театр
Морозко Морозко
, от 1 000 тг. Морозко Akmola Regional Russian ...
Музыкальная сказка «В гостях у ёжика» Музыкальная сказка «В гостях у ...
, от 2 000 тг. Музыкальная сказка «В гостях у ... La Boheme Theatre
Арыстан патша (каз) Арыстан патша (каз)
, от 1 000 тг. Арыстан патша (каз) Nur-Sultan Puppet Theatre
Выкрутасы бабы Яги Выкрутасы бабы Яги
, от 1 000 тг. Выкрутасы бабы Яги Akmola Regional Russian ...
Три поросенка (КАТМК) Три поросенка (КАТМК)
, от 400 тг. Три поросенка (КАТМК) KATMK

Do you want to introduce your child to art, teach him to see the beauty around and understand himself better? Then we offer you a poster of children's theaters at Ticketon service. After all, tickets to any of the children's performances presented in this section, you can buy online not only saving your time but also by choosing the performance that suits your child by age and interest.

Repertoire of children's events on Ticketon.kz

You have something to choose from because there are children's performances in almost every theatre. On this page you will find over 70 different productions and can watch them:

  • puppet and musical fairy tales;
  • New Year's and interactive shows;
  • festivals.

Little spectators will be able to see both classics and contemporary works.

With our online service, you will be aware of the most up-to-date schedule of children's theatres in Almaty and Nur-Sultan, as well as in other cities of Kazakhstan.

Buying tickets to the theater on Ticketon is very easy!

We know how difficult it is to organize leisure time with children, so we set a goal to make it as easy for you as possible. Now you do not have to search for several resources in search of information - everything is on Ticketon: duration, genre, venue. This will allow you to get acquainted with the repertoire in advance and calmly, and immediately take tickets online for the performance you like.

As we have already said, it is very convenient to use the Ticketon service. With the help of hints and intuitive interface you will have to make just a couple of clicks and make payment in the way that suits you:

  • bank cards;
  • Kaspi account;
  • Cyberplat, QIWI, and Kassa24;
  • Qiwi-wallet, etc.

The e-ticket will be sent to your specified email address and your phone will receive an SMS notification.

With us to give children an impression that will become bright memories easily!

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