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Abay City Palace of Culture

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The festival of illusionists "Magic and sorcery" in Aktau   Фестиваль иллюзионистов
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Address: microdistrict 4. Building 71.

Contact number: 8 7292 50 19 21.

Bus stop: GAI station.

Distance from the station: 310 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Hibas street.

Abay City Palace of Culture in Aktau is the place where the city's social and cultural creativity is concentrated. Under its roof, there are art groups and various clubs for children.

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About the Abay Cultural and Leisure Complex

Built back in 1974, the building was first overhauled a few years ago. In the course of the works, it was renovated as much as possible. The concert hall was completely reconstructed: the number of seats was reduced to 607, the distance between the rows became wider, the seats were replaced and the stage was rebuilt.

Weekdays of the cultural and leisure complex in Aktau

Today, approximately 1,500 people of all ages are engaged every day in the Abay Cultural and Leisure Complex. They are members of dancing and vocal groups of which there are about 30 pieces. 

Among them:

  • pop and choreographic dance ensembles;
  • orchestras of folk and wind instruments;
  • theatrical troupes;
  • vocal studios;
  • dancing schools.

Many of them are on a commercial basis and some are free and open to the public.

One of the business cards of the complex is its Russian Song Choir, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019. In 1973, it was awarded the title of "folk" and in general, for the entire period of the choir's existence, more than 100 songs have accumulated in its repertoire, they are performed in two languages. In 2017 he organized the "Zhetya Saz", in which young performers continue the traditions of their senior mentors. 

The city's Palace of Culture often hosts entertainment celebrations. State holidays are celebrated here, local and touring actors show performances and musicians give concerts. With the support of the akimat, the State Culture Centre holds New Year trees for children from poor families and disabled people.

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