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Туры выходного дня
98 интересовались событиями этого объекта за последний час.

Address: RK, Petropavlovsk, Zhabayev Street, 195.

Contact number: 8 (152) 41-25-32.

The Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre named after S. Mukanov in Petropavlovsk made its debut in 2000 and the first performance shown on its stage was "Akkan zhuldyz" by S. Mukanov. This premiere was the founder of the future active work of the new theatre.

Establishment of Music and Drama Theatre in Petropavlovsk

The opening of the theatre was attended by President and widow S. Mukanova - Mariam Kozhakhmetovna.

From the first plays, the theater simply fell in love with its audience. Among them were:

  • "Your Majesty".
  • "Genghis Khan's White Cloud";
  • "Oh, these newlyweds!"
  • "Dream Taxi"
  • "Zone"
  • "Criminal Case"

The repertoire of the Kazakh musical-drama theatre includes more than 55 productions and new works are constantly added to them!

Under the artistic tutelage of Orazaly Akzharkyn-Sarsenbek, the first director, only graduate students of the Zhurgenov Academy initially performed. But in a short period of time, the ranks of the young talented actors were joined by venerable art critics of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries: M. Ospanov, J. Khadzhiev, and B. Zh. Preobrazhensky. The symbiosis from the rich experience of some and the irrepressible fervor of others gave a good result and became a breakthrough in the life of the theatre.


The company not only enjoys exciting and high-quality performances but also takes part in theatre festivals and wins prizes. In different years, the theatre and its staff have won nominations:

  • O. Akzharkyn-Sarsenbek ("For Best Director");
  • Special prize at the International Festival of Contemporary Drama "Kolyada-Plays" for the play "Down-Way";
  • B. Zhalgasbayev ("The Best Goat");
  • N.Magavina ("The Best Bayan", "For the Best Female Role");

But the play "Criminal Case" by M. Baidzhiev won the "Grand Prix" at the IX Republican Theatre Festival.

One of the most important goals pursued by the theater troupe is to improve its skills and involve as many people as possible in the Lyceum. Therefore, artists tirelessly try on original images, genres and not afraid of bold experiments. The development of the S. Mukanov Drama Theatre in Petropavlovsk is also testified to by the fact that the Alua Dance Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra were created under its auspices.

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