Call Me George

April 30 will be the long-awaited Premiere! The creators of the sensational production "Happy Singing” will present their new project - a musical play "Call me George"!

This is a narration about the fate, success and creative search of the genius composer and pianist George Gershwin. This is a tribute to the first American classic, one of the most famous people of the New World, who reached everything because of his unique talent! The history of the masterpiece - the first national American Opera “Porgy and Bess” - is the pinnacle of Gershwin's work.

In the play, everything that will give the audience joy and a lot of emotions:

an exciting theatrical performance, a classic of world jazz, a beautiful choreography with elements of

" Broadway", the great Armstrong, Fitzgerald, Rachmaninoff, Charlie Chaplin and, of course, live music!

Inspired by the incredible success of the play "Happy Singing" and the demands of the audience, the creative and production team of the project decided to bring to life another beautiful story of a musical genius!

The author of the idea, the co-author of the script and the performer of vocal parts – Irena Aravina. The Director and script writer – the founder and artistic Director of The Artichoke theater – Galina Pyanova. Actors: brilliant Chingiz Kapin and Aisulu Azimbayeva led by one of the most famous and beloved actors Eugene Zhumanov!