Михаил Казиник с концертом «Я обнимаю вас музыкой» в Алматы
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Almaty Ice Arena

Alexey Chumakov in Almaty   концерт
Date Time Hall Price
05.04.2023 20:00 Алексей Чумаков from 10 000 tg. Buy
Date Time Hall Price
07.04.2023 20:00 Юрий Николаенко и группа НЮ от 10 000 тг. Buy
Date Time Hall Price
15.04.2023 20:00 Ne Prosto Orchestra от 6 500 тг. Buy
Disco of the Year in Almaty   концерт
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29.04.2023 20:00 DISCO. Дискотека года от 12 000 тг. Buy
Max Barskikh in Almaty   концерт
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26.05.2023 19:00 Max Barskih от 12 000 тг. Buy
Nurminsky in Almaty   концерт
Date Time Hall Price
02.06.2023 20:00 Концерт Нурминский от 7 000 тг. Buy

Address: Almaty, Momyshuly Street, corner of Ryskulov Avenue.

Contact number: 8 727 315 70 77.

Entrance: from the side of Momyshuly Street.

Parking: arrival from the side of Momyshuly Street. Parking is free for visitors.

The Ice Palace of Almaty Arena is a new attraction to Kazakhstan.  It was built following international standards, especially for the 2017 Universiade. It is located in the Alatau district, and the total area of the complex is 10 hectares. It is the largest sports facility in our country. It is the second-largest of its kind in the CIS and is the largest indoor ice arena in Central Asia.

Almaty Arena is a universal playground for ice hockey, figure skating, boxing, volleyball, basketball, and concerts. It consists of 3 blocks with two ice rinks, a fitness center, and a swimming pool. The ice arena has a capacity of 12,000 seats and a concert hall of 5,000.

The weekdays of the sports complex

The ice arena is open every day from 11.00 to 23.00. Mass skating (on weekends) has been opened here since November and is free of charge for children under seven years of age. Free admission is also available for groups 1 and 2, children from orphanages and large families upon presentation of the relevant documents. Skate rental services are available on the territory of the skating rink, but you are also allowed to come with your outfit.

As the ice complex has two ice rinks, mass skating does not interfere with the sporting events. Mainly important matches and competitions are held at the ice rink, while at the roller-skating rink there is the training of sportsmen and mass skating.

After the end of the Universiade, the sports complex continued to lead an active life. The poster of the events ranges from hockey games to concerts, large-scale shows, and boxing fights. You can keep abreast of the events and buy tickets to any of the events in Almaty Arena with the help of our convenient service.

In search of talent

To popularize sports and healthy lifestyles among young people, free freestyle, Greco-Roman and women's wrestling sections have been opened within the walls of the Almaty Arena. The halls have all the necessary equipment: simulators, wrestling carpets, showers, locker rooms, and coo areas.

One of the objectives of the organizers is to identify talented wrestlers and form a sports reserve. Therefore, every child wishing to participate has a chance to get to the classes of professional coaches and build a career in this sport.

Also, choreography, swimming, figure skating, and hockey sections operate on a paid basis.