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Funds raised: 3000 KZT

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Address: Almaty, micro-district Keremet 7, building 40. (Entry to the guest parking from the side of Seifullin Street).

Cash desk and Administration: 8 (747) 331-83-11.

Entrance: from Seifullin Street, first run to the left if you drive from Satpayev street. 

The third run to the right, if you drive from the side of Timiryazev.

Parking: from the side of Seifullin street, first run to the left, if you drive from the side of Satpayev street. 

The third run to the right, if you drive from the side of Timiryazev. 

Parking is chargeable. 150 tenge per hour.

Second parking: from the side of Nauryzbai Batyr, on the trajectory of the line of traffic. Free of charge.

Cafeteria: in place.

The. Impro art space can hold up to 60 people.

What is The.Impro.Show Kazakhstan?

A unique format of representation, which has no analogs throughout the CIS.


It's based on improvisation. The artists do not have a script, roles, ready-made replicas, plot turns, heroes. The show is created from scratch in front of the audience. Moreover, with the help of the viewer. 

The show consists of many headings related to music, dance, stand elements, story scenes and the discovery of heroes. For each rubric, it is the viewer who says the word. Together with the viewer, we invent a story, an event, and heroes, and then we embody literally before our eyes.

In each SHOW we put real thoughts, real feelings, lively and accurate observations, notice the smallest details so that our viewer not only pumped his imagination but also was excited, interested and solve life's problems.



An improvisation show is a show that unleashes the creative potential, including that of the viewer. It is an opportunity to distract yourself from world events, bad news, fuss, and fatigue. The.Impro.Show Kazakhstan is not a "sticking" on the worked-out actions of artists. It is a constant involvement without stress and fatigue.

It's the HIGH ALL FOR USE OF USE that art becomes HIGH. And in the high art of our performance turns and the viewer including.


We exclude black humor, a sexual theme that devalues humor. Artists show and teach that laughter, humor, pleasure can be sincere and honest. 

The.Impro.Show Kazakhstan is an opportunity to defuse the usual Saturday leisure time with a really good show. Unusual and unique every time.