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Abylaykhan Museum Complex

In the history of the Kazakh land, many state and military figures devoted their lives to a great goal - to serve the interests of people. In this tribe Arruakh, khan Abylay shines as a fading star, illuminating the present ideas of preserving the unity of the nation, territory, and independence. The life path of ascending to the power given to him by his origin was thorny in his young years and far from being easy in his mature years.

Abylaykhan Museum Complex

The basis of the exposition is the life and activity of Abylay khan, a statesman, and politician of Kazakhstan of the XVIII century. The exposition of the complex not only acquaints visitors with the main events of Abylay khan's life but also pays considerable attention to the education of patriotism and devotion to the Motherland in the viewer.

The exposition of the museum consists of 4 halls.

Abylay khan

The first hall presents materials about children and youth years of Abylay khan, whose real name is Abilmansuur. He comes from a noble family of Kazakh khans Desht-i Kypchak - Dzhuchi, the elder son of Genghis Khan. Formation of Abylay personality takes place in one of the most difficult and crucial periods in the history of Kazakh people when the Kazakh Khanate broke up into three zhuzes and a special danger was posed by the neighboring Dzhungaria. In this struggle against Dzhungars Batyrs - associates of Abylay khan distinguished themselves: Bogenbai, Kabanbai, Nauryzbai, Sary Batyr, Kuleke, Kulsary, Kozhabergen, and others. There are also weapons and equipment of the 18th century in the exposition. The second hall reproduces the apartments of Abylay khan in the traditional Kazakh style. In hall 3 the central exhibit - the figure of Abylay khan, men's and women's khan's clothes, weapons and household items are presented. Hall 4 presents materials revealing Abylay khan as a great statesman, who ruled the khanate with honor, was a smart politician, competent diplomat, talented military leader. He managed to restore the unity of the Kazakh khanate, his main task was to strengthen the state. Abylay khan's foreign policy was characterized by flexibility and compromises with such states as Russia and China. Abylay khan did not refuse recognition of the Russian protectorate but did not allow strengthening of the influence of both powers in their relations. Thanks to the activity of this great man, the Kazakh people were able to preserve their national identity, customs, history, and culture. All the activities of Great Abylay ultimately led to the establishment of independent Kazakhstan.

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