Международный Архитектурный Конгресс ARCHICA: Центральная Азия

Return policy


1. The ticket purchased to the Cinema can be returned at least 30 minutes before the start of the session. When the Buyer requests the return of the previously purchased Ticket, the Operator has the right to refuse the Buyer if the Ticket has been printed at the cinema office, or if before the Event there are less than 30(thirty) minutes.

2. Returning the Theater ticket can be at least 3 hours before the start of the session, unless otherwise provided by the rules of the theater or the event organizer.

3. Tickets purchased in the State Theatre of Opera and Ballet «Astana Opera» will be exchanged or refund only in cases of cancellation or postponement of performances. In all other cases, no refund or exchange can be made.

3.1. Tickets purchased at KazNTOB named after. Abaya are subject to exchange and return at least one calendar day before the event.

4. Tickets purchased for the matches of HC"Barys" are subject to exchange and refund only in case of cancellation or postponement of the match. In all other cases, no refund or exchange will be made.

5. The Ticket purchased by the client for Concerts and other Entertainment, sports Events is returned at least 2 days before the event.

6. In case of return of the e-Ticket by the Buyer, the Operator has the right to withhold the Service fee when returning the money to the Buyer.

6.1 The Service charge for the Ticket purchased at the Cinema is fixed at the time of purchase and is from 1 to 10% of the nominal value of the ticket.

6.2 The Service charge Withheld upon the return of the Ticket purchased to the Theatre or for any other categories of events is 5% of the nominal value of the Ticket.

6.3 When returning a Ticket purchased for any category of events to the Customer's Bank card, the refund shall be made within 3 (three) working days.

6.4 Tickets purchased by installment payment through Freedom Finance Bank cannot be returned or exchanged.

6.5 Tickets purchased for the Dimash Kudaibergen concert from September 18, 2022 are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

7. In case the buyer returns the e-Ticket, the Operator has the right to offer to save the amount paid by the Buyer in the System for use when buying tickets for subsequent Events. In this case, the amount of the service fee is not withheld by the Operator. The refund is made on the day of the client's request.

8. In case of return in the official ticket offices "ticket" in cash, the same rules of retention of service fee apply.

9. In the case of installment buying, the Operator has the right to charge the Client a proccessing fee. The processing fee is 7% of the total amount of the nominal value and the service fee.


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You can keep your funds in full as bonuses. Bonuses are stored indefinitely and are valid for paying for any event. Bonuses are assigned to your data: email address and mobile phone number. To activate bonuses, you just need to enter your email address, mobile phone number and agree to the rules of the public offer when placing the next order. After that, you will notice the "Use Bonuses" function, which is used by default. If you need to pay extra, then choose a convenient type of payment and make the payment


I want a call back

f the request for a return does not contradict the return rules, then the operator will cancel the order without a call back. In the event that a return is not possible, the operator will give you a callback by calling you or by sending an e-mail. You can check the box if you want to get feedback in any case


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