EXPO 2017

The first of the famous exhibitions of the world was called FoiredeSaintDenis. Passed this exhibition of peace near Paris. Founded the first exhibition of the world, King Dagobert in 629g. And in 710 the so-called exhibition of the world has already collected more than 700 merchants.

During the XVIII-XIX centuries. With the development of industries that have become the product of the Industrial Revolution, the fairs have evolved from direct sales places to places of display of a wide range of useful things. Exhibited only samples of goods, so the term "exhibitions of the world" appeared.

Kazakhstan is a member of the International Exhibition Bureau (BIE) since 1997 and has been participating in EXPO since 2005.

1998, Portugal, "Ocean - the heritage of the future"

2000, Germany, "Man - Nature - Technology - the Birth of a New World"

2005, Japan, "The Wisdom of Nature"

2008, Spain, "Water and Sustainable Development"

2010, China, "Better city - better life"

2012, South Korea, "Living Ocean and Coast"

2015, Italy, "Feed the planet, energy for life"

2017, Kazakhstan, "The Energy of the Future"

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