ТЮЗ им. Н. Сац
Russian Drama Theatre. MY Lermontov

Visiting Mr. Green

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After the death of his beloved wife, 86-year-old Mr. Green lives the life of a recluse. The apartment is desolated, in the fridge - the mouse has hanged itself. It would seem that nothing connects the old man to this world. But once the solitude of the misanthrope is violated by an uninvited guest. Ironically, the guy, who had nearly hitten mr. Green with his car, was sentenced to public works by the court decision. Once a week, on Thursdays, Ross is obliged to visit the "victim of an accident" and help him in the household.
The householder is bothered with the visits of the young man. But then mr. Green learns that Ross Gardiner is a Jew too. The deep heartily attachment appears between them. But everyone has their skeletons in the closet ...

People are divided by religious beliefs, moral dogmas, ethical taboos... But only by making a step towards each other, through repentance and forgiveness, you can find harmony with the world around you and with yourself ...