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Абай-restart/Театр Синтез
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Theatre "Zhas Sahna"

Address: Abai Ave, 117 (in the building of the furniture center "Zhanna"), between Auezova and Zharokova streets.


Metro: the Alatau station.


Distance from the station: 310 meters.

Cash desk: 8 (727) 259-65-98.

Administration: 8 (707) 328-00-52.

Entrance: from the side of Abai Avenue.

Parking: along Abai Avenue, in front of the theater. Free of charge. Second parking: down Zharokova street, before reaching Kurmangazy street. Toll.

The café: Marzipan Cafe

When you present a theatre ticket, you get a 20% discount.

Theater history


The history of the theatre begins in 2006 when it was first created in honor of Baiten Omarov - a famous Kazakh actor, teacher, director, and director.


In 2016, a new turn in the history of the theatre took place, and the theatre's artistic director was Kirill Lavrova Barzu Abdurazzakov, a playwright, director, theater and film actor, a graduate of the GITIS, and Honoured Art Worker of the Republic of Tajikistan and winner of the Prize. Barzu Khabibulloevich changed the repertoire of the theatre and staged completely new productions, which became the hallmark of the theatre and earned the recognition of the audience.


Today, the core of the theatre is made up of young, surprisingly promising and talented actors: Janel Sergasina, Baktiyar Baiserik, Vahid Izimov, Ashim Akhmetov, Nurgul Alpysbaeva, Akniet Oryntai, Daniyar Aripov, Togzhan Takhanova, Aigerim Mustafa, Marat Amiraev, Ekaterina Maxim, Madiyar Sarybay, Nurgisa Kuanyshbayuly, and others.


The credo of the theatre is to search for new theatrical forms, to deepen and study the performing skills, where special attention is paid to such a fundamental concept as the School

The Jas Sakhna Theatre's repertoire


The theatre's repertoire is diverse: it includes drama and melodrama, comedy and tragicomedy, aria, tragedy and a tragic parable. As for the authors, you can see both classics and contemporaries on the poster. The theatre is aimed at different spectators, so everyone can find a performance to their liking.


To date, there are 9 performances in the theatre's repertoire:


1. Tadeusz Slobodzyanek "Classmates. Lessons of life", tragedy


2. Leonard Gersh, "Those Free Butterflies," melodrama


3. Tunger Dugenoglu "Avalanche", drama


4. Carlo Gozzi "Happy beggars", tragicomedy


5. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt "My little Oscar", mono-performance


6. Lyudmila Razumovskaya "Last Examination", drama


7. Jean-Baptiste Moliere "The Doctor of Consent", comedy


8. Don Nigro "Thread Theory. Animal Stories", Aria


9. William Shakespeare "Hamlet", a tragic parable


The theater is also a place for a small audience with awe. The poster of the theatre "Jas Sakhna "in Almaty is presented by a wide choice of children's performances. These are mostly fairy tales that bring up goodwill, compassion, and respect in children

Театр «Жас Сахна» в Алматы