Ирина Нельсон «Reflex» в Казахстане

Турнир по Бодибилдингу NPC Worldwide Invictus PRO Qualifier


Tournament:  Bodybuilding NPC Worldwide Invictus PRO Qualifier

Venue: Astana city, 44 Sauran Street

Date of the event: December 3, 2022

Beginning: 9:30

Headliners: Yenlik & Shiza

Duration: all day

Age restriction: 5+

Tournament program:

* 9:30 Opening of Prejudging
* 10:00 Prejudging
* 17:00 Opening of the final
* 18:00 Final, presentation and award

It will be an unprecedented and the largest sporting event in the world of bodybuilding. The number of participants in forty categories is more than five hundred people.

The NPC Worldwide INVICTUS Pro qualifier will go down in history as the first NPC Worldwide event in Kazakhstan. This event is open to athletes from all over the world!