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The Creator

	Создатель (2023)Year of release: 2023


Country of manufacture: USA

Director: Gareth Edwards

Cast: John David Washington, Allison Janney, Gemma Chan, Ralph Ayneson

Genre: science fiction, action, thriller


Age restriction: 13+

Premiere date: September 28, 2023


«The Creator» is a fantastic action movie set in the future, where the world is ruled by wild and cruel machines. However, a mysterious creator appears who is able to create robots that are able to compete with the strongest of them and resist bloodthirsty machines. The main character of the film is Edwin Black, a young scientist who has a talent for creating unique and complex robots, but he tries in vain to protect his invention from the power-hungry Cyberdom Corporation. 

Caught under attack, Edwin Black is forced to flee with his developments in order to protect his inventions and prevent their use for malicious purposes. Together with his team, Black goes in search of the legendary Creator - a mystical genius, perhaps the only one who can stop the impending threat that threatens to engulf the whole world. In this dangerous journey they will have to face dangerous machines, test their strength and provide their skills in the name of saving their world full of deadly robots. 

«The Creator» is an exciting and incredibly intense thriller that will not leave the viewer indifferent and will make him hold his fists for the main characters in the battle to save the future.