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Noize MC/Алматы
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RGKP "GARDT dlya detey i yunoshestva im. N.Sats"

Six dishes of one chicken

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Venue: Almaty, st. Chaliapin, 22, theater. N.Sats

Author: G. Slutsky

Premiere date: 27 February 2022, 18.00





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The performance is dedicated to the anniversary of one of the prima donnas of the theater, Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the most talented actress who has served for more than half a century on the stage of the theater for children and youth. Natalia Sats - Crimean Valeria Georgievna. An adventurous comedy about a "big" mother's love, sweeping away everything in its path, the onslaught and pressure of which is sometimes difficult to resist. The idea is simple and, alas, not new - an overbearing mother, madly in love with her 40-year-old son, dreams of marrying him. Driven by a great desire to make happy her overgrown, but very dependent on her opinion, offspring, a woman opens a marriage agency at home and arranges bride screenings. She can't come to terms with the fact that her son has grown up for a long time and even managed to grow up, and constantly controls his child. Moreover, she sincerely believes that without her participation and sensitive guidance, he, of course, will never arrange his personal life. In addition, in her opinion, there is not a single decent woman in the environment of her son, because his attempt to gain weight