Юнона и Авось

Неугомонный дух. Премьера

Venue: 117 Abaya Ave., Almaty, ZHAS SAKHNA Theater

The author of the play: Noel Coward

Premiere date: December 23, 24, 2022 

Producer: Zhanna Omarova

Actors: Orken Akhmet, Tansholpan Kinzhembetova, Zhuman Mukanov, Shyngys Rash, Nazym Toleubayeva

Musical arrangement: Daniyar Satybaldiev

Genre: Mystical Comedy

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission

Age limit: 14+

Additionally: The performance is in Russian. A discount for pensioners and students is provided when BUYING a ticket at the ticket office in the presence of a pension certificate and a student ID!