Дос-Мукасан в Алматы

Наурыз Мейрамы 2023

Наурыз Мейрамы 2023

Address: ethno village "hundar", Soldat gorge, 5, ryskulov village

Date and time: March 22 at 11:00

Age limit: no

Duration: 8 hours

Additionally: book a seat by the number indicated on the ticket

There will be master classes, national dishes, a unique equestrian show, national equestrian sports games, songs and kuis filled with national values at Nauryz.






11:00 Meeting of guests with the ritual " Shashu "at the gate there will be warriors in Saka costumes, girls in national dresses, as if the gate were opened, perform the ritual" Shashu", spill candy, guests collect candy greetings from the driver, guide 

11:10-12:00 buffet table-baursaks are prepared on the street in Kazan, sweets for tea on the tables ,nauryz kozhe

12:10-12:50 show of the first historical and patriotic club" Sarbaz rukhy "" Zhigitovka"", National Games ""akaryspak"", ""Kyz Kuu"", dance ""Kara Zhorga""

12:50-15:00 activity on places: National Games on places and acquaintance with the yurt and nomadic life * story about the life of nomads and the yurt, "horse riding" - shooting-archery "tug of war", "bull pulling", "arm wrestling", "lifting sheep" *lifting sheep with a prize fund 1 bag of apples

14:00-17:00 will be served to the guest who will raise more chicken pilaf will be prepared in Kazan, roast beef will be in the buffet format according to places 3 types of salad , bagels, sweets for tea, fruit slices tea,coffee,water.

16:00-17:00 performance neo-ethno folklore GR.Arkaim * neo-ethno-folk group "Arkaim", which is a new trend in music. The forms of the works are close to the samples of ancient instrumental and vocal-epic compositions, but sound in a new interpretation of new musical directions, for example, House, Rock, Hard Rock, so accessible and understandable to a listener of any age category. The main feature of the duet is the singing of ancient Turkic men, as well as women.