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Music Holidays at Astana Opera - 1

2020 / 2021           Chamber Hall               the 8th Season

6 August * Saturday * 6.00 pm



Music Holidays at the Astana Opera

(Second Concert)

It has become a good tradition for talented students of Kazakhstan studying at the leading universities of the republic and prestigious educational institutions abroad to perform on the stage of the Chamber Hall.

The concert “Musical Holidays at the Astana Opera” will feature works by national authors and classical composers performed by students of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (Belgium) and Mozarteum University in Salzburg (Austria).

All young artists are outstanding musicians, laureates of prestigious international competitions. Performing at home is a double responsibility – it is an exam, the result of their work, a recital before the domestic public and teachers who gave them a ticket to the big world of music.



Aziza OMAROVA (soprano)

Alisher SEKSENBAYEV (bass)

Temirlan BEISEMBAI (piano)

Tomiris ALI (piano)

Ilyas UZBEKOV (piano)

Batyrkhan SULEIMEN (piano)

Aliya ASANOVA (piano)

Alen MUSURGALIYEV (violin)

Zhandos MUKHAMEDI (violin)



Accompanists: Malika AIMAKOVA, Sergey VASILIEV, Zaru ZHAZYKBAYEVA




A. Hasse. Aria Ritornerai fra poco from the cantata Orgoglioso Fiumicello

F. Schubert. Die Forelle

P. Tchaikovsky. Lullaby

A. Cesti. Aria Si mantiene il mio amor from the opera Alessandro, vincitor di se stesso

A. Scarlatti. Aria Già il sole dal Gange from the opera L’onestà negli amori

W.A. Mozart. Sarastro’s aria from the opera The Magic Flute

P. Tchaikovsky. Dumka

R. Schumann. Three Fantasiestücke for piano, op. 111

S. Rachmaninoff. Études-Tableaux, op.39 No. 3

J. Brahms. Intermezzo, op. 76

M. de Falla. Spanish Dance

E. Elgar. La Capricieuse



Running time:1 hour 30 minutes


Management reserves the right to substitute performers and works performed


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