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Туры выходного дня

2016 / 2017                            CHAMBER HALL                 the 4th season

4 June * Sunday * 12.00 am (in Kazakh)



(From “A Visit to the Theatre” Series)

The Astana Opera House presents the new musical project “Music Draws and Tells” from “A Visit to the Theatre” series to its young audience.

It is better to foster children’s aesthetic development and accustom them to good classical music since the early childhood. Bright imagination allows children to easily visualize images “drawn” by sounds.

The “Music Draws and Tells” concert will feature works by classical composers, in which the source of the fine arts is strongly marked: Flight of the Bumblebee by N.Rimsky-Korsakov, Clair de lune by C.Debussy, The Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks by M.Mussorgsky, The Cuckoo by F.Couperin, Elephant and Pug by Y.Brusilovsky and many others.

Musicologists will tell the little spectators many interesting things about the possibilities of musical instruments and musical colours with which the composers paint their masterpieces.

For the first time ever! The concert will be accompanied by sand drawings displayed on the screen.

Opera soloists, orchestra musicians and the Astana Opera Chamber Orchestra will take part in the concert. Conductor – Ruslan Baimurzin.


Running time: 50 minutes