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Meine Chaosfee & ich

Моя фея-проказница

Year of release: 2022


Country of manufacture: Luxembourg, Germany

Director: Carolyn Origer

Cast: Yella Haase, Lisa-Marie Coroll, Alex Avenell, Julian Mau, John Chadwick, Lukian Rusari
Genre: Cartoon, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Family
Duration: 80 minutes

Age restriction: 6+

Premiere date: March 23, 2023

Tiny fairy Violetta, having failed the magic exam, cannot deliver gifts to the world of people. Fraudulently, the little sorceress manages to get to Earth and make friends with the girl Maxie, who lives with her mother in a big city, missing her old country house. Violetta promises her new girlfriend to fulfill her heart's desire if Maxie helps her.