Meeting and parting

The third premiere took place at the Taldykorgan Drama Theater in February

The premiere of the play «Meeting and Farewell» («Kezdesu men koshtasu») took place at the Taldykorgan Drama Theater named after Biken Rimova based on the play by Alexander Volodin «Do not part with your loved ones.» 

The director of the play is Almat Sharipov. The production designer is Zhanat Duisenbayev and costume designer, holder of the badge of Excellence in Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan Karlygysh Shalabayeva. The work was translated from Russian by Askhat Mayemerov. The theater's staff publicly put their artistic and creative searches on public display.

«Meeting and Farewell» is  a work written in the genre of psychological drama. In it, you will witness how the great feeling of love between people is being tested in family life. The storyline reveals the responsibility of those who created childbirth to their families and shows the need to be able to stand hand in hand with transient life challenges. As an example, there are quarrels, quarrels of several families, such as Lavrov, Kozlov, Kiriashvili, Shumilov, Mironov, Belyaev. If this was caused by the excessive arrogance of one of the spouses, then the passivity of the other, and now the jealousy of the rest of the families.

The first love, remaining in a state of great feelings, not succumbing to the various demands of life, the quarrel escalates and finally they decide to divorce. Everyone wants personal peace, they seek the voice of their soul in solitude and tremble. However, the isolation of loved ones from each other and the determination to divorce were not the solution to the problem.

«Life has many questions, few answers. I wonder if there are souls who have solved the riddle of the burning false world, themselves?! The meaning of life is to meet and say goodbye, then? Why are we meeting if we're saying goodbye? Why do we say goodbye to our loved ones? Why?... This is what an ordinary woman selling an apartment says, who appears in the work. She also realized how wrong she had been in healing her soul with loneliness.

The above-mentioned families apply to the court and ask to immediately separate themselves from the legal marriage, stating that they can no longer live together. However, the judge will study the situation between the spouses as much as possible and make a decision on the immediate distinction of some, and give some time for reconciliation at the request of the law.

The main idea of the work is not the fall of the family, it is the peace of the family and the harmonious life of the spouses. The happiness of the child. It is not necessary to argue about the fate of children because of the mistakes of adults.

In the following years, the number of divorced families in the society has been growing. It is worth noting that many of the people who came to see the play were young people.