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канышYear of release: 2022

Country of manufacture: Kazakhstan

Distributor: Aray Media Group

Directors: Yerlan Nurmukhambet

The actors: Asset Eszhan, Anna Orazbayeva, Maxim Gorbanev, Aidos Auesbayev

Genre: biographical drama

Duration: 101 minutes

Age restriction: 12+

Premiere date: February 2, 2023

Script authors: Amir Amenov, Alain Rakhmetaliev, Yerlan Nurmukhambet

Producers: Aigul Baibek, Asel Yerzhanova

Director of Photography: Ayan Bazylbek

Production Designer: Marat Imanbergen

Composer: Olzhas Zhakypbekov

Logline: Having devoted his life to science, Kanysh Satpayev dreamed of the well-being of the Motherland and did

everything so that it develops, since Kanysh himself became an unwitting witness

the tragedies of their people – hunger and repression, which the Kazakh people put

on the verge of extinction...

Synopsis: The magnitude and scale of an outstanding scientist, geologist and patriot of his land

Kanysh Satpayev is obvious. However, not everyone knows his path in which

the grief of the people and personal tragedy intertwined, the exhausting struggle with skepticism and

distrust on the part of the authorities. But, as you know, hard times give birth to

strong people. The film "Kanysh" will tell about the initial path of a young Kanysh

Satpayeva during the great tragedy in the life of the Kazakh people – the years of famine,

jute and repression.

Tagline: My people are above me