Scorpions в Алматы


FlautissimoVenue: Astana, Astana Opera

Date: November 24, 2023

Time: 19:00

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Age restriction: 10+

Additionally: Management reserves the right to substitute performers and works performed.






Musicians, winners of international competitions, soloists of the Astana Opera Orchestra, teachers and students of the Kazakh National University of Arts will present an evening of flute music.

The flute is an amazing virtuoso instrument with a light, airy, and almost fluttering sound that is similar to birds singing and that seems to immerse audiences in a magical, fairy-tale atmosphere.

The flute’s delicate melodies mesmerise and give aesthetic delight.

The concert will feature works by Kazakhstani and foreign composers: C.F.Gluck, J.S.Bach, B. Godard, A.Roussel, G.Bizet, F.Poulenc, J.Cobián, A.Blanc, H.Beeftink, F.Doppler, J.Rodrigo, S.Karg-Elert, V.Tsybin, M.Tnalin, Ye.Nurgaliyev, A.Bestybayev, A.Kazhgaliyeva, A.Abdinurov and others.




Bekbolat BAYSAGATOV, Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan (flute)

Balzhan SAPAROVA (flute)


Alima ABEUOVA (flute)

Aidar KHAMZIN (flute)

Zhannet TUYAKOVA (flute)

Aruzhan TOREKHANOVA (flute)

Zhibek SAPARGALIYEVA (flute)

Zhanar ZHELTYRGUZOVA (flute)

Aiganym KABIMOLLA (flute)

Alexander TARASKIN (flute)

Banu DALISHEVA (flute)

Aisulu JANAKHANOVA (flute)

Sabina KENES (flute)

Alikhan KARIBAYEV (flute)

Zhazira KALIYEVA (flute)

Gulyaf LEBEDEVA (flute)

Shamil JAKHANOV (flute)

Zhamilya DALISHEVA (flute)


Nurgul SAPAROVA, Holder of the Order of Kurmet (oboe)

Kalkaman DYUSSEMBAYEV, winner of the State Youth Prize “Daryn” (horn)

Zhanibek SAPAROV (guitar)

Dilyara KALDYBAYEVA (harp)

Saltanat AKBASOVA (piano)

Malika AIMAKOVA (piano)

Zhanyl RAKHIMBEKOVA (piano)

Lyubov GLINKA (piano)


Brass Sextet:

Aigerim DAUTBAYEVA (flute)

Damilya MAKHPIROVA, Honoured Worker of Kazakhstan (oboe)

Almaz TOKPANOV (clarinet)

Zhanat ZHAKAYEV (horn)

Asset NELDYBAYEV (bassoon)

Gulzhanat ZHANATAYEVA, Madeniyet Salasynyn Uzdigi (piano)


Brass Quintet:

Abzal SEREDA (trumpet)

Timur TEMIRBEKOV (trumpet)

Madiyar KARIMOV (horn)

Sayakhat HISMATOV (trombone)


Head: Sergey ZHOROV


The Astana Opera String Quintet

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