«The flood» drama

Venue: Drama Theater named after M. O. Auezov

The author of the play: Sultan Raev

Director of Photography: Dinara Kydyrmaeva

The dramatist: Sharshebek Sheyshenov

Genre: Drama

Age restriction: 





Jan Wilmuth, who considers himself a genetic engineering scientist, in order to introduce a new era, a new generation of humanity and civilization, by cloning a person, introduces them into a rational change in life in society. However, a matter that God does not like, his friend Khe always opposes it. As a result, the number of clone people is increasing out of control and began to attack and pose a threat to society. On earth, they began to self-will and not recognize the Almighty, same-sex marriages began contrary to the law of natural nature, the original structure of the world and life collapsed. The Almighty, being the witness of everything, directs the flood to preserve the original structure of the world and life. Only the Khe family remains saved. In the struggle for life, Khe with his wife, together with their son Etih and daughter Duna, tries to explain the nature and law of life, the truth of humanity. Unable to explain bad things against the laws of nature, in the end, his own son rapes his mother, merges with his sister Duna and a horned devil child are born. And the mother ends her life with an unripe fetus inside her. The son and daughter, along with their grandson, end up eating their father, Khe himself. There is life on earth, there is death on earth, there is pain, there is heaven on earth. Such is the structure of the world. There is nothing eternal in this world!

The novel "Topon" is the winner of the Grand Prix of the world competition of writers held in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.