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Cycle track "Sary-Arka"

Address: Astana city, Kabanbai Batyr Avenue, 45А.

Contact number: 8 (7172) 70-71-73, 8 (7172) 70-71-73.

Entrance: from the side of Kabanbai Batyr Avenue.

Parking: ground parking in front of the cycle track for 60 cars. It is free of charge. Check-in from the side of Kabanbai Batyr Avenue.

  "It's not racing records that keep me on my bike, it's a feeling of happiness."

Lance Armstrong.

The structure that gives this feeling of happiness in Astana is the Saryarka cycle track. Like many other sports facilities built in Kazakhstan in recent years, the cycle track is multifunctional. This complex can hold competitions not only in cycling disciplines but also in boxing, basketball, gymnastics or judo. In 2011, the Astana cycle track was recognized as the best in the world, according to Kazakh media reports.

It is worth noting that two centuries have passed since the invention of the first bicycle. For this time cycling has developed to a professional level and continues to conquer and involve more and more people in a healthy way of life.

Complex structure

Of course, first of all, the name "cycle track" implies that there are competitions of cyclists of both republican and world level. A few statistics on the track itself:

  • 250 meters long;
  • 7 meters wide;
  • the covering is made of Siberian cedar.
  • 42 degrees of tilt on corners;
  • 12.5 degrees of inclination in straight sections;
  • over 9,200 seats for spectators.

However, the building of the Saryarka cycle track in Astana contains not only the track itself but also other sports halls. Among them:

  • an underground indoor skating rink;
  • a fitness center;
  • basketball court;
  • several halls in various sports;
  • two swimming pools, one of which is intended for use by children;
  • sauna;
  • conference halls;
  • restaurant complex;
  • hotel complex.

The presence of all these premises fully characterizes a cycling track as a full sports complex. It is designed so that it can be visited even by people with disabilities. In this way, everyone can enjoy wrestling and support their athlete or team during competitions.

It's not just the competition...

In addition to fans watching the competitions of professional athletes, the capital's cycling track is ready to accept in its walls and fans of various show programs. So within its walls, there are celebrations of various events and performances of performers of absolutely different genres, such as Bi-2, Timati, Limp Bizkit and Ninety one.

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