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12+ Aliens (2022) Aliens (2022)
, от 800 тг. Aliens (2022)
12+ Hotya by kinoda 3 (2024) Hotya by kinoda 3 (2024)
, от 500 тг. Hotya by kinoda 3 (2024)
18+ Midnight with the Devil (2023) Midnight with the Devil (2023)
, от 700 тг. Midnight with the Devil (2023)
18+ The Watchers (2024) The Watchers (2024)
, от 600 тг. The Watchers (2024)
6+ Inside Out 2 (2024) Inside Out 2 (2024)
, от 500 тг. Inside Out 2 (2024)
6+ Three heroes. Not a day without a feat (2024) Three heroes. Not a day without ...
, от 500 тг. Three heroes. Not a day without ...
18+ Firebrand (2023) Firebrand (2023)
, от 1 000 тг. Firebrand (2023)
16+ Renaissance Island (2024) Renaissance Island (2024)
, от 700 тг. Renaissance Island (2024)
14+ Volleyball! The Battle of the Garbage Dump (2024) Volleyball! The Battle of the ...
, от 500 тг. Volleyball! The Battle of the ...
12+ Ham kafe (2024) Ham kafe (2024)
, от 700 тг. Ham kafe (2024)
6+ Inside Out 2 (2024) Inside Out 2 (2024)
, от 500 тг. Inside Out 2 (2024)
16+ Bad Boys 4 Bad Boys 4
, от 700 тг. Bad Boys 4
16+ Next stop - dream (2024) Next stop - dream (2024)
, от 700 тг. Next stop - dream (2024)
18+ The Bikeriders (2023) The Bikeriders (2023)
, от 600 тг. The Bikeriders (2023)
18+ The Needs of a Traveler (2024) The Needs of a Traveler (2024)
, от 1 400 тг. The Needs of a Traveler (2024)
6+ The Garfield Movie The Garfield Movie
, от 500 тг. The Garfield Movie
16+ Furiosa: The Mad Max Chronicles (2024) Furiosa: The Mad Max Chronicles ...
, от 800 тг. Furiosa: The Mad Max Chronicles ...
14+ At the Edge of the Earth (2023) At the Edge of the Earth (2023)
, от 900 тг. At the Edge of the Earth (2023)
18+ Paranormal phenomena. Ghost Manor (2024) Paranormal phenomena. Ghost ...
, от 700 тг. Paranormal phenomena. Ghost ...
6+ A Voice from Outer Space (2024) A Voice from Outer Space (2024)
, от 500 тг. A Voice from Outer Space (2024)
Tracers «Avtokinoteater» Tracers «Avtokinoteater»
, от 2 500 тг. Tracers «Avtokinoteater»
14+ Jambul. New era (2024) Jambul. New era (2024)
, от 800 тг. Jambul. New era (2024)
18+ The boy's story Avtokinoteater The boy's story Avtokinoteater
, от 2 500 тг. The boy's story Avtokinoteater
18+ The Curse of the Demon (2023) The Curse of the Demon (2023)
, от 700 тг. The Curse of the Demon (2023)

Astana Cinema Listings

In the cinema, viewers are transported to fantastic worlds, experience unforgettable emotions, and meet new heroes. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of cinema, cinema Astana offers a wide selection of movies for every taste. Everyone can find something they enjoy, whether it's an exciting blockbuster, a touching drama, or a fun comedy. To fully enjoy this form of art, it's important to know how to get to the most interesting showtimes in Astana and where it's most convenient to book tickets.

Cinema Astana: Schedules, Listings, Tickets, and Repertoire

First and foremost, it's essential to review the repertoire of Astana's cinemas. The modern cinemas in the capital offer viewers:

  • the latest releases from global cinema;

  • arthouse movies;

  • popular comedies and melodramas;

  • animated movies;

  • science fiction;

  • thrillers and horror movies;

  • local movies.

You can choose the latest releases available in both Kazakh and Russian languages. Additionally, it's worth paying attention to movies created by Kazakhstani directors — they are equally interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Movies in cinema Astana, offered on Freedom Ticketon, can be selected in advance by viewing the schedule several days ahead. Booking the best seats in the cinema hall and purchasing tickets online in advance will make your experience even more enjoyable.

Where to Find Current Movie Schedules for Astana Cinemas

For the convenience of viewers, there are many resources where you can find current listings and the latest schedules. These include the official websites of cinemas and specialized platforms.

The most comprehensive and up-to-date information is provided by the Ticketon Astana service — movies, animated films, and online broadcasts of football matches are fully represented here. Every user can not only check the schedule but also immediately purchase a ticket for the movie they're interested in.

Purchase Movie Tickets Online in Astana

Online purchases are a convenient and modern service that can save you a lot of time and effort. To plan a Sunday outing with your family or an enjoyable evening with friends or a loved one, you don't even need to leave your home. Simply browse the event listings on Freedom Ticketon, find a suitable option, and choose the best seats in the cinema hall.

The information on the website is regularly updated, and news about upcoming premieres is published in advance. Each movie comes with a brief description that keeps the intrigue alive, as well as a trailer that gives a sneak peek into the plot.

Where to Buy Tickets in Cinema Astana

For those who prefer to buy everything offline, ticket offices of major cinemas in Astana are available in shopping centers and separate buildings. However, for greater convenience and time savings, it's worth taking advantage of the option to purchase tickets online.

You can buy movie tickets in Astana online at Freedom Ticketon, where you will find the best deals and a wide selection of movies. You can also check the showtimes in advance.

Advantages of Buying Movie Tickets Online in Astana on Ticketon

Using the Ticketon platform offers many advantages:

  • You can place an order anytime and from any place with internet access.

  • Online prices are sometimes lower than at the box office, thanks to regular promotions and discounts.

  • The website provides comprehensive information about each movie, helping you make an informed choice.

  • The offers on Ticketon are always up-to-date, eliminating the risk of errors when choosing the time and place for a screening.

The lowest price is displayed right on the teaser, allowing you to estimate your budget in advance. The Freedom Ticketon platform makes going to the cinema a pleasant and simple activity, letting you focus more on what's important — enjoying the magic of cinema.

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