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Shabyt Palace of Art

Address: Astana city, Tauelsizdik Avenue, 50.

Contact number: 8 (7172) 70–55–03, 8 (7172) 70–55–36.

Entrance: two ground parking lots on the left and right sides of the university for 40 cars each. Visitors only.

Entry from the side of Kasym Amanzholov Street.

Parking: from the side of Kasym Amanzholov Street.

Canteen: an inner dining room.

The Palace of Creativity Shabyt in Nur-Sultan is surrounded by such significant places of the capital as the monument Qazaq Eli, Palaces of Peace and Consent, Independence, Museum of History of Kazakhstan and Mosque Hazret Sultan.

It is impossible to pass by and not notice the Shabyt Palace. Its unusual, oval form immediately stands out from other buildings, while perfectly complementing the already established architectural ensemble. 38 columns, at an angle of 10 degrees rise to a height of 7 floors and form a huge space of 30.5 thousand square meters.


Источник фото: https://nur-sultan3d.kz/art/concert/shabyt.html

This is where the University of Arts of Kazakhstan is located:

  • lecture and sports hall;
  • lecture and sports hall; lecture rooms;
  • concert halls;
  • filming pavilions;
  • photo and art studios;
  • conference hall, etc.


Источник фото: https://nur-sultan3d.kz/art/concert/shabyt.html

All halls are equipped with modern equipment and suitable for both small and large concerts. To find out what concerts will be held in Shabyt in the near future, you can use the service Ticketon and immediately buy tickets online.