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M. Utemisov Palace of Schoolchildren in Astana

Address: Astana, Azerbaijan Mambetova str., No. 1

Contacts: +7 7172 32 49 28

Working hours: Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 18:00

Makhambet Utemisov Palace of Schoolchildren in the capital can rightly be called a forge of talents. For 30 years, thousands of children have been engaged in creative work within its walls and now it continues to remain at the forefront of the aesthetic, physical and intellectual development of the younger generation.

Дворец школьников имени М. Утемисова

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Creative everyday life of the Palace of Schoolchildren

During its more than thirty-year history, the Umetisov Palace has become a second home for many children. And this is not surprising, because there are different sections and circles functioning here. There are more than 120 of them in total, some of which are aimed at the creative development of children, others at the physical, and this happens in studios:

  • linguistic (Kazakh, English, Chinese on a paid and free basis);
  • vocal;
  • dance (8 groups of different directions);
  • fine arts (sculpture and art, beading, felting, wood carving, etc.);
  • instrumental (guitar, dombra, piano);
  • sports (volleyball, swimming, basketball, yoga, karate-do).

Many of them can be visited on a preferential basis. In general, more than 4,000 children aged 5 to 17 are engaged in the Palace of schoolchildren.

In general, the palace of M. Utemisova occupies a special place in the educational system of the city. After all, thanks to the efforts of teachers and students, the latter repeatedly become winners of international and national competitions.

In addition, the management of the Palace conducts active social activities: they organize forums and festivals. For example, it hosted a working meeting within the framework of the Council of the Fathers of the Capital, awarding of teachers, a meeting of youth from 14 countries, a ship-building championship.

Дворец школьников имени М. Утемисова

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Дворец школьников имени М. Утемисова

Photo source 2GIS