Rules of the contest on

  1. Competent citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who have reached 16 years of age, permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the exception of the Organizer's employees and their families may participate in the Competitions.
  2. The Competition is attended by authorized users of the social network,, or
  3. Competitions are held on the territory of Kazakhstan.
  4. To participate in the actual users of the Internet. The organizers have the right to exclude participants if they consider that the page belongs to a non-existent person.
  5. Participants who participate in more than 3 competitions, which are held on the Internet, are not allowed to participate.
  6. The prize is drawn only between contest participants who have participated by complying with all the conditions of the contest and being subscribers of the Ticketon page.
  7. The winners receive a prize according to the terms of the competition published on the page or website.
  8. The winners are determined by random number generation or by a jury.
  9. Information about the competition and Its conditions is made by posting information on the Internet at Facebook, VK, Instagram, Twitter
  10. To receive the prize, the Winner must provide his / her valid data (mobile phone number, name, city of residence, identity card) - on request.
  11. If within 5 (five) working days after the end of the contest (announcement of the results), it is not possible to contact the winner, for any reasons beyond the Organizer's control (not visiting the participant's profile, ignoring the Organizer's messages, etc.), then he / she is deprived of the right to receive this prize, and the Organizer has the right to award another participant.
  12. In case of failure to claim or refuse for any reason the winners of the competition to receive the prizes within 5 (five) working days after the end of the competition (announcement of the results), the Organization reserves the right to reduce the total number of winners of the Competition or to award the prize to another Participant.
  13. According to the rules, the cash equivalent of the value of prizes awarded is not paid.
  14. The contest organizer has the right to change the rules of the Contest at any time by posting the relevant information on the Contest page. Contest participants are obliged to control the updating of the rules of the Contest, checking the relevant changes on the above site.
  15. The organizer has the right to exclude users from participation at its discretion, if the participants use unfair methods to win.
  16. By becoming a Participant, the person agrees that if he/she becomes the winner of the Competition, the Organizer has the right to publicly announce it in any form by publishing such information about the winner as name, surname, photo, and authorizes the Organizer to such public announcement and disclosure of information without paying any fee to such Participant. The organizer reserves the right to use the names of the Winners in all its marketing materials.
  17. If necessary, including, but not limited to, for the purposes of awarding the prize, the Organizer has the right to request from the Participants the necessary information, including the personal data of the participants, to provide them in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the government agency.

Additional condition

1. The cost, parameters and characteristics of the prizes are determined at the discretion of the Organizer and may not coincide with the expectations of the participants.

2. The Contest organizer is not responsible for:

2.1 inabilities to contact the Winner

2.2 failures to receive/late receipt of information necessary to receive the prizes of the Competition, through the fault of the Participants themselves, or through the fault of communication organizations, or for other reasons beyond the control of the Organizer.