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The ticket by clicking

March 15, 2013

Recently, Kazakhstani people now have the opportunity to buy tickets to cinema, theater, circus and other events via the Internet. The market is not yet very large, but intends to sell four tickets each to a movie.


The market of online tickets would not accommodate more players

January 16, 2013

Electronic sale of tickets for various events in Kazakhstan remains relatively poorly developed. Although the experience of recent start-up, and now a full-fledged project the Ticketon proves that Kazakhstan is willing to try new way of purchasing movie tickets and concerts. About how the market will develop and whether to wait to us the boom of electronic ticketing, says Alex Lee, Director and co-founder of "Ticketon".

Online sale of cinema tickets to Almaty is only 95 tenge

May 25, 2012

In Almaty launched the first unified system of online ticket sales in cinemas – Ticketon. This service appeared on the website and Qiwi terminals, reported the correspondent of business portal