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Zhansaiah Abdumalik

Zhansaiah Abdumalik

Date of Birth
12.01.2000 (24), Almaty, Kazakhstan

Zodiac sign

chess player

Zhansaya Abdumalik - chess player from Kazakhstan, the youngest international grandmaster.

Creative way

At the age of five his father, candidate master Daniyar Ashirov, introduced Zhansaiah to the wise game.  From the age of 6, she went to the section. At first, the lessons brought her a lot of excitement and failure. But natural talent, striving for perfection, self-confidence quickly turned into significant achievements. 

She won:

  • In 2008, she won the 8-year-old girls' world championship;
  • In 2011. - at the World Championships in Brazil in the 12-year-old category in 2011;
  • In 2013. - silver medallist in the Under-20 World Championship;
  • In 2016, at the World Youth Championships in Brazil. - at the adult women's championship in Kazakhstan;
  • In 2017. - at the world competition in Italy in 2017.

Her first teachers are Tamara Gudova, Nikolai Peregudov, and David Harutyunyan. Since 2013 she has been taking lessons from her famous mentor Vladimir Chuchelov. Hard lessons, change of debut repertoire led to high results. The young grandmaster regularly defeats men, successfully performed at the FIDE Women's World Cup and goes to the cherished goal of becoming the absolute champion.     

Jansaja Abdumalik: family life

She trains for 7-8 hours a day, gives public speeches. The girl does not talk much with friends, but her parents support her in everything.

Interesting facts

  1. In 2014, she opened the Academy, where capable children are trained by experienced coaches using unique methods.
  2. The idol of the Kazakh champion is the famous Judith Polgar, who for many years has been leading the matches with the strongest chess players on equal terms.
  3. During the opening of the Academy, she played a mini-match with former world champion Anatoly Karpov, who noted its great potential.