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12+ Childhood that didn't exist Childhood that didn't exist
, от 600 тг. Childhood that didn't exist G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
14+ Another Thumbelina in Almaty Another Thumbelina in Almaty
, от 9 000 тг. Another Thumbelina in Almaty Interius, Razia Khasanova ...
Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu
, от 1 000 тг. Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu ​Театр традиционного ...
10+ Lecture by Irina Druzhinina «A guide to artistic styles Lecture by Irina Druzhinina «A ...
, от 5 000 тг. Lecture by Irina Druzhinina «A ... Театр «La Boheme»
12+ Red shawl Red shawl
, от 600 тг. Red shawl G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
16+ Pretty woman Pretty woman
, от 6000 Pretty woman Theatre «Zhas Sahna»
16+ Three sisters, premiere! Three sisters, premiere!
, от 1 000 тг. Three sisters, premiere! G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
9+ QULAN. The premiere! QULAN. The premiere!
, от 1 000 тг. QULAN. The premiere! ​Театр традиционного ...
16+ Musical performance «Obsession: Marlene Dietrich» in Almaty Musical performance «Obsession: ...
, от 5 000 тг. Musical performance «Obsession: ... Republican German drama ...
3+ Старик Перекати поле Старик Перекати поле
, от 1 500 тг. Старик Перекати поле State Puppet Theatre
Қаңбақ шал Қаңбақ шал
, от 2000 тг. Қаңбақ шал State Puppet Theatre
3+ Thumbelina Thumbelina
, от 1 500 тг. Thumbelina State Puppet Theatre
Ана жүрегі Ана жүрегі
, от 2 000 тг. Ана жүрегі State Puppet Theatre
12+ Mukagali, To The Muse… Mukagali, To The Muse…
, от 600 тг. Mukagali, To The Muse… G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
16+ «Fire Baby» in Almaty «Fire Baby» in Almaty
, from 8000 tg. «Fire Baby» in Almaty Interius, Razia Khasanova ...
15+ Don Juan Don Juan
, от 6000 Don Juan Theatre «Zhas Sahna»
5+ Yin Yang Yin Yang
, от 1 000 тг. Yin Yang State Republican Korean ...
14+ It's not funny to me It's not funny to me
, от 5 000 тг. It's not funny to me Альянс-театр 2act
6+ Кішкентай ханзаданың оралуы Кішкентай ханзаданың оралуы
, от 1 500 тг. Кішкентай ханзаданың оралуы G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
3+ Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh
, от 3 800 тг. Winnie the Pooh Theatre «Zhas Sahna»
2+ A fun trip with Maya the bee A fun trip with Maya the bee
, от 3 200 тг. A fun trip with Maya the bee Театр «La Boheme»
3+ Cat in boots Cat in boots
, от 2 000 тг. Cat in boots State Puppet Theatre
1+ Bul-Bul Bul-Bul
, от 3 500 тг. Bul-Bul Keremet Family Theater Center
16+ Спектакль-прогулка «Куда дальше» Спектакль-прогулка «Куда дальше»
, от 4 450 тг. Спектакль-прогулка «Куда дальше» Fountain «Eastern Calendar»
12+ Overcoat Overcoat
, от 2 000 тг. Overcoat State Puppet Theatre
16+ Premiere! «The Green Sun of Paris» Premiere! «The Green Sun of ...
, от 4 500 тг. Premiere! «The Green Sun of ... Natalia Sats Theater for ...
16+ Love letters Love letters
, от 1500 тенге Love letters G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
12+ Me, Grandma, Iliko and Illarion Me, Grandma, Iliko and Illarion
, от 6000 Me, Grandma, Iliko and Illarion Theatre «Zhas Sahna»
16+ Jeanne Dark Jeanne Dark
, от 6 000 тг. Jeanne Dark Альянс-театр 2act
«Looking for you, love» «Looking for you, love»
, от 2 500 тг. «Looking for you, love» Theater Stage
1+ Teremok in a new way Teremok in a new way
, от 3 800 тг. Teremok in a new way The Looking Glass Theater
2+ Interactive Circus tent Interactive Circus tent
, from 3 000 tg. Interactive Circus tent Театр «La Boheme»
16+ Master class from Yuri Leonov on playing ethnic drums Master class from Yuri Leonov ...
, от 6 000 тг. Master class from Yuri Leonov ... Театр «La Boheme»
21+ Pillow Man Pillow Man
, от 3 000 тг. Pillow Man Republican German drama ...
16+ Divas Divas
, от 4 500 тг. Divas Natalia Sats Theater for ...
16+ A house with a lot of weddings A house with a lot of weddings
, от 600 тг. A house with a lot of weddings G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
14+ Goodbye, love Goodbye, love
, от 6000 Goodbye, love Theatre «Zhas Sahna»
18+ The play «Report for the Academy» The play «Report for the ...
, от 7 000 тг. The play «Report for the ... Theater-studio HOUSE OF ...
16+ «Mistress» in Almaty «Mistress» in Almaty
, от 9 000 тг. «Mistress» in Almaty Interius, Razia Khasanova ...
0+ Mutual misunderstanding Mutual misunderstanding
, от 4 000 тг. Mutual misunderstanding Пространство Трансформа
16+ Bride rebellion Bride rebellion
, от 600 тг. Bride rebellion G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
12+ Sister Sister
, от 600 тг. Sister G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
16+ One root apple tree One root apple tree
, от 600 тг. One root apple tree G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
1+ Baby theater Kolobok Baby theater Kolobok
, от 3 800 тг. Baby theater Kolobok The Looking Glass Theater
12+ Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Mother-in-law and ...
, от 600 тг. Mother-in-law and ... G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
Participatory performance «Everything depends on me» Participatory performance ...
, от 4 000 тг. Participatory performance ... BUNKER ART-sanctuary
14+ ТРИгры ТРИгры
, от 6 000 тг. ТРИгры BUNKER ART-sanctuary
16+ Years full of love and joy Years full of love and joy
, от 600 тг. Years full of love and joy G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
12+ Wormwood smell Wormwood smell
, от 600 тг. Wormwood smell G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
16+ Poetic performance – concert «Love decides everything» Poetic performance – concert ...
, from 10 000 tg. Poetic performance – concert ... Interius, Razia Khasanova ...
, от 4 000 тг. The play «PEOPLE'S MESSAGE» BUNKER ART-sanctuary
3+ Curious baby elephant Curious baby elephant
, от 3 800 тг. Curious baby elephant The Looking Glass Theater
16+ Media without stories Media without stories
, от 600 тг. Media without stories G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
16+ Starring... Starring...
, от 9 000 тг. Starring... Interius, Razia Khasanova ...
12+ «Qyz Quu» «Qyz Quu»
, от 3 000 тг. «Qyz Quu» The «HOUSE» space
16+ Women in the dark Women in the dark
, от 2 000 тг. Women in the dark BUNKER ART-sanctuary
12+ Kulager Kulager
, от 600 тг. Kulager G.Musrepov Youth Theatre
Live performance Live performance
, от 4 000 тг. Live performance BUNKER ART-sanctuary
1+ Baby theater «Adventure in the Forest» Baby theater «Adventure in the ...
, от 3 800 тг. Baby theater «Adventure in the ... The Looking Glass Theater
12+ Childhood that did not exist Childhood that did not exist
, от 2 000 тг. Childhood that did not exist ​Театр традиционного ...
3+ Apple of happiness Apple of happiness
, от 3 800 тг. Apple of happiness The Looking Glass Theater
16+ The performance of the Tashkent theater «Ilkhom» «Tartuffe» in Almaty The performance of the Tashkent ...
, от 18 000 тг. The performance of the Tashkent ... Lermontov Theater
16+ The performance of the Tashkent theater «Ilkhom»  «Underground girls» in Almaty The performance of the Tashkent ...
, от 18 000 тг. The performance of the Tashkent ... Lermontov Theater
Венециядағы түн Венециядағы түн
, от 2 500 тг. Венециядағы түн Гос. академ. театр драмы ...
Аладдин Аладдин
, от 1 200 тг. Аладдин Гос. академ. театр драмы ...
Truffaldino Truffaldino
, от 2 500 тг. Truffaldino Гос. академ. театр драмы ...
The magic bird Samruk The magic bird Samruk
, от 1 200 тг. The magic bird Samruk Гос. академ. театр драмы ...
Принцесса цирка (Гастроли КАТМК в Алматы) Принцесса цирка (Гастроли КАТМК ...
, от 2 500 тг. Принцесса цирка (Гастроли КАТМК ... Гос. академ. театр драмы ...
3+ Маленький Мук Маленький Мук
, от 1 200 тг. Маленький Мук Гос. академ. театр драмы ...
12+ Gypsy Baron Gypsy Baron
, от 2 500 тг. Gypsy Baron Гос. академ. театр драмы ...
New Format Gala in Almaty New Format Gala in Almaty
, от 20 000 тг. New Format Gala in Almaty Almaty theatre

Almaty Theater Listings

In the cultural capital of Kazakhstan, every art lover can find a play to their liking, whether it's a classic piece or a modern production. The city's theaters offer unique performances that will captivate both adults and children.

When planning an outing for new experiences, it's a good idea to check the schedules of Almaty theaters in advance and order tickets to secure the best seats at favorable prices.

Theater Listings in Almaty: Schedule, Repertoire, Plays

Each season, the repertoire of Almaty theaters is updated, offering audiences new productions and premieres. The following theaters open their doors to audiences:

  • Almaty theatre;

  • State Academic Drama Theatre named after Lermontov;

  • Family Theatre Center "Keremet";

  • ART Shelter BUNKER;

  • Musrepov Youth Theatre;

  • "Alatau";

  • Republican State Academic Uighur Theater of Musical Comedy named after K. Kuzhamyarov;

  • Puppet Theatre;

  • Touring stage of the Zhambyl Philharmonic;

  • La Boheme.

The theater listings in Almaty are constantly updated, offering audiences a wide variety of productions. The repertoire includes dramatic plays, comedies, musicals, ballet, and opera performances. For example, the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Abay hosts grand operas and ballet performances, while the Lermontov Drama Theatre stages classic and modern plays. The Sats Youth Theatre delights children and their parents with fairy tales and musicals.

Where to Find the Latest Theater Listings in Almaty

One of the most convenient ways to stay updated on the city's cultural life is through specialized websites and applications that provide information about current and upcoming plays. Among the popular resources, "Ticketon" stands out, offering a wide variety of theater options.

Where to Buy Theater Tickets in Almaty

To avoid spending a lot of time studying theater listings and going to ticket offices, it's best to use modern technology. Today, the simplest way to buy theater tickets in Almaty is to book them online. Freedom Ticketon makes this process straightforward to understand.

Directly on the promotional teasers placed on the pages, you will easily find:

  • the name of the production;

  • venue, date, and time of the event;

  • minimum ticket price;

  • age restrictions for viewers.

On the event page, you can also find a brief description, genre, cast, and additional information about important organizational details.

Ticket prices for Almaty theater vary depending on:

  • the prestige of the venue;

  • seating location;

  • day of the week;

  • availability of discounts and promotions.

Prices range from 1500 to 15000 tenge. Ticketon always lists the current prices, as well as possible discounts for students, retired, and children.

How to Use "Ticketon" to Buy Theater Tickets in Almaty

The platform allows you to easily and quickly find an interesting play, check the schedule, and more. To make a purchase, you need to:

  1. Go to the Freedom Ticketon website and select the theater performances section.

  2. Use the date search to find the play you are interested in.

  3. Review the schedule, and specify a convenient date and time for your visit.

  4. Choose seats in the hall, considering your preferences and ticket prices.

  5. Proceed to payment and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

By booking online, you can plan your leisure in advance from anywhere in the world and at a convenient time. The selected seats will definitely be available, and there will be no need to stand in any lines. You can also take advantage of special offers or participate in promotions to save on your purchase.

Freedom Ticketon offers a beneficial referral program: by inviting friends through a special link, you earn points that can be easily used for your own entertainment.

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