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Nurtas Adambay

Nurtas Adambay

Date of Birth
14.12.1981 (42), Jambul, Kazakhstan

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actor, director, producer, scriptwriter

Nurtas Adambay is a famous Kazakh actor who can be seen in popular domestic comedies. He is also a showman, comes up with jokes for TV shows and has his own production company.

Creative path

In the early 2000s, Nurtas played in KVN. Six years later he appeared on TV with the program "Our Kazasha". It was a huge success and quickly made it to the top of the ratings. That's when he started acting in movies. His debut work was "Kairat Champion. Virgin number 1". Since then, movies with Nurtas Adambay - a sign of quality and excellent humor. 

It is confirmed by the paintings:

  • "Kudalar."
  • "Taraz";
  • "Elevator";
  • "I am a tokal."
  • "Escape from the aul: Operation Mahabbat."
  • "Kelinka Sabina" (1st and 2nd part);
  • " Jump."
  • "I am the groom."
  • "Cocktail for the star."
  • "Open the door - I'm happy!" and others.

In 2012, he founded the company "Nurtas Production". During its existence, the organization has received various awards for its contribution to the development of the state.

Nurtas Adambay: family life

On a holiday arranged by a friend, he met a girl named Galya. She is fond of virtual design, and the couple found a common language.

In 2011, they played a wedding, and a few months later they had a son, Alisher. At that time, difficulties began in the family, which led to the decision to divorce. But in 2015, they still managed to settle all differences and get back together. They don't like to talk about their lives.

Interesting facts

  1. On the official YouTube channel is active, and even periodically publishes his work for free.
  2. Winner of the "People's Pet 2015" award.
  3. Forbes was ranked third among the wealthiest people in Kazakhstan.