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Almas Kishkenbayev

Almas Kishkenbayev

Date of Birth
01.06.1985 (39), Kyzylorda

Real name
Almas Kishkenbayev

Who by the sign of the zodiac

Almas Kishkenbayev began his musical journey long before the whole of Kazakhstan learned about him. His first big performance took place at the Aynalaiyn International Festival when he was 11. Every year the singer's achievements in his piggy bank increased: he went to Paris for the contest "Young, talented children", the festival "Meir" in Kyrgyzstan, but the most significant contest in his life, which brought Almas national love, took place in 2004 and it was a project "Superstar KZ. Several months of hard work and struggle ended in victory for Almas, and his musical career went up in the "mountain".

Songs of Almas Kishkenbayev "Ayalayin" and "Mangilikke" have long been in the music charts and firmly established in the hearts of his fans. In 2008 he released his first album, and in 2012. - second album. The presentation of the record was accompanied by a large party at the Circus Club and a solo concert of Almas.

Almas Keshkinbaev rarely shoots clips, some of the most popular is "Yerkele" and "Aldyde". But at the same time, he tries more often to please the audience with live performances.

The pull to the competition led Almas to Latvia on the show "5 stars" where he took the second place, after which the artist began to receive offers of cooperation with foreign companies, but Almas rejected them, deciding to stay in his homeland.  

Almas Kishkenbayev: private life

In 2010. Almas Kishkenbayev married Moldir Ryskulova. With whom he met by chance in one of the city banks. After 7 years of life together, the marriage broke up. Almas Kishkenbayev had a difficult divorce: he fell into depression, began to abuse alcohol. But according to the artist now he has gone through all the emotions and with his head ready to plunge into the work and music.