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Dmitry Miroshnichenko

Dmitry Miroshnichenko

Date of Birth
26.02.1992 (32), Aktobe

Who by the sign of the zodiac

a football player

Dmitry is a native of Aktobe. Choosing the path of his father, Andrey Gennadievich, formed a football dynasty. Quickly (in 3 seasons), Dmitry collected a full set of medals championship of Kazakhstan. It remains to conquer the Cup, the last inner summit.

Sports Way

Dmitry started his professional career at the age of 17 in Krasnodar. First in the local Dynamo, and then (in 2010) in the youth "Kuban". He has never been in the main club team. In 2011, he continued to play at home, in "Aktobe", having entered the field three times. The following year, Dmitriy played only twice.

But 2013 was the brightest year for Dmitriy. He received the title of champion, running for the basis of 22 meetings (out of 32 possible) and scored 2 times, which is not a bad indicator for the defender.

The start of the next season was promising for Dmitriy. Winning the Super Bowl, 26 matches for the main team, 2 goals scored, attracting to the national team of Kazakhstan (4 games, including qualifying for the European Championship), but only silver medals championship and loss in the final Cup of the country.

In 2015, managed to climb only the 3rd step of the podium, playing in 16 meetings. On this path, Dmitriy and "Aktobe" parted. From 2016 he was declared for "Tobol", which managed to win "bronze" (2018). Playing practice increased, from 22 to 30 matches for the championship was held by Dmitry Miroshnichenko. The statistics of his goals slightly deteriorated, in 4 seasons - only 3. The coaches of the national team also did not forget about him, constantly inviting him to the national team. But for it, Dmytro played only twice.

Dmytry Miroshnichenko: family life

He got married to Kristina Kartasheva in November 2015.

Interesting facts

  1. Despite his Kazakh citizenship, Dmitry is a pupil of Krasnodar football.
  2. In "Tobol" has a very popular seventh number on his T-shirt.
  3. Game timekeeping is quite high. It is very rare that Dmitry does not spend the whole meeting. Since 2011, in 188 games for clubs, he spent on average 85 minutes on the field.
  4. Awards: Gold, silver, bronze medalist (twice) of Kazakhstan, winner of the Super Cup of Kazakhstan.