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Almat Kepisbaev

Almat Kepisbaev

Date of Birth
12.12.1987 (36), Urjar, East Kazakhstan regio

On the sign of the zodiac


Almat Kepisbaev - the honored master of sports of RK, received the title for his achievements and contribution to the development of wrestling on the territory of the country. He still performs on tatami and fights for prizes.

Creative Way

He started to be interested in martial arts from his youth when he won local tournaments. The coaches noticed him there. Proving himself well, Almaty deserved the opportunity to perform at the World Championships in 2010, held in Moscow, from where he could take away the bronze medal.
Already in a few months in Tashkent, trying on Asian championships, he earned Gold, bypassing all competitors. Now has only 2 gold medals: second time on the podium in 2018, in Bishkek. Despite being quite old, he still performs in various qualifications and is successful. He does not think about ending his career yet.

Almat Kepisbaev: Family Life

In 2013, he married a girl named Aizhan. She is also an athlete, swims, but has not yet performed at the national level.
The spouses are happy and try to spend as much time together as possible. They don't think about children, as they are going to dedicate their careers in the coming years.

Interesting facts

  1. During the whole period, he performed in different weight categories, from 59 to 67 kilograms, and in each category, he managed to achieve success.
  2. At international competitions, he deserved the bronze medals the most. He's got five of them.
  3. The athlete is 165 cm tall, however, this does not prevent him from fighting with high opponents.