ТЮЗ г. Темиртау
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Regional Centre for Folk Arts (former Palace of Culture Zhastar in Balykshy)

Date Time Hall Price
18.08.2024 18:00 Зал от 6 000 тг. Buy
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18.09.2024 18:30 Зал from 6 000 tg. Buy
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22.09.2024 19:00 Зал от 6 000 тг. Buy

Address: Bayzhigitova Street, 86A.

Contact number: 8 (7122) 24-41-82, 8 (7122) 51–56–24.

Bus stop: Balykshy station.

Distance from the station: 560 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Kozhakaev street.

Parking: ground parking behind the building of the center. It is free of charge. Entrance from the side of Kozhakaeva street.

The regional center of folk art in Atyrau - a place where traditions are preserved. Here, within the walls of the center, there are exhibitions of local and foreign masters, performances of orchestras, concerts of artists, in short, everything that raises the level of culture and introduces to folk art. To find out what events in the near future will take place in the regional center of the folk art of Atyrau, you can use the service Ticketon and immediately, without delay, buy tickets to them online.