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Natasha Koroleva

Natasha Koroleva

Date of Birth
31.05.1973 (51), Kyiv

Real name
Natalya Porivay

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Natasha Queen promptly burst into the world of show business in the early 90s. Thanks to her business cooperation with Igor Nikolaev, she became one of the most recognizable performers in Russia. The songs "Blue Swans", "Confetti", "Little Country" are her business cards.

Creative Way

The future star was born with talented parents: his father led the choir, and his mother, People's Artist, worked as a conductor. The girl came on stage for the first time, being still very small and sang a non-children's song - "Cruiser Aurora". At the age of 7, she went to learn the basics of musical skill, enrolled in piano class, in addition, attended a dance club.

In 1987 she made her debut in the competition "Golden Chamberton". At the same time, Natalia appeared on television, in the program "Wider Circle". The girl dreamed of a bright career, so she decided to graduate from pop and circus school. In 1991, she was already a certified specialist. The first popularity fell on the singer in 1988 after she performed the composition "Yellow Tulips".

Today Natasha Queen tours cities of CIS, America, and Europe with her concerts.

Natasha Queen: Family Life

In 1991, she legalized the relationship with I. Nikolaev, the marriage lasted 10 years. In 2002, the press became aware of the novel between the Queen and Sergei Glushko. The couple together for more than 16 years, raising the son of the Arhip.

Interesting facts

  • In 2003, she received her GITIS diploma, and in 2017, she graduated from the New York Academy of Film Arts (specializing in cameraman and editor).
  • She produces the project "PopaBend".
  • Played a leading role in the movie "The Sorceress' Recipe".
  • Engaged in business, produces jewelry "Mother Daughters".