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Address: the square of Abay.

Contact number: 8 7222 56 34 68.

Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre named after Abay is the place where the cultural life of Semipalatinsk is concentrated, as there are 3 city theatres at once: 

  • Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre named after Abay. Abay Kazakh Musical Drama Theatre;
  • The Abay Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre, the Russian Drama Theatre named after Abay.
  • F.M. Dostoevsky Russian Drama Theatre;
  • Youth Dariga-ai.

Each of them has its own story, filled with interesting events and talented people.

Establishment of the Kazakh Theatre in Semey

Under the leadership of young M. Auezov, in 1917 on the jailiau "Oikuduk" was staged the first production that opened the way to the world of theater art - "Enlik-Kebek". In 3 years, Kanysh Satpayev, Amre Kashaubayev, Zhumat Shanin, Kalibek Kuanyshpayev worked in the theater "Es-Aimak" organized by him, i.e. those people who later made a huge contribution to the development of theatrical business of all Kazakhstan. Officially the theatre was registered only in 1934 the premiere play "Kek" by Ilyas Zhansugurov.

The traditions established then are supported even today by talented workers. Thanks to their efforts, the theatre has repeatedly become a winner of festivals, and they themselves - honoured artists and artists. 

© Photo: Theater administration

Russian Drama Theatre

He is almost the same age as his "neighbor" on stage, the opening took place in 1937 and the reason for this was the TRAM on the basis of which it was created. Here were put such works as "Emilia Galotti" by E. Lessing, "Far" by A. N. Afinogenova and others. In 1975 he began to bear the name of F.M. Dostoevsky, the collective interceded for this, as his work echoed the psychological repertoire of the theater. The schedule of the theater in Semey includes:

  • dramas;
  • comedies;
  • children's performances.

The Russian troupe actively tours the country and the CIS. Its artists often win prizes at thematic festivals: E. Druchinina - best female role, A. Sukhov - best supporting role, Yu.

Youth Theater. Its artists, under the guidance of its founder - Dariga Tarankulova participate in their own and joint productions, representing the audience emotionally deep works.

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