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Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Address: Astana, A. Bokeikhan str., 1 a

Phone: 87172751296

Opening hours: The company "Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan" is temporarily closed.


Parking: there is from the side of Beibitshilik street

Entrance: from the side of Zheltoksan street

Despite the fact that the Museum of the First President is located in Astana, from 2001 to 2004 the museum was located on the territory of Almaty. After the construction of Akorda, the former residence building became the haven of the museum in Astana. The area of the museum is more than 12 thousand m2 located on 4 floors. In front of the entrance there is a composition consisting of a shanyrak with a spindle, in the middle of which is a metal circle symbolizing the earth, and on the sides of expositions of Turkic rulers made of metal and stone.

The central expositions of the museum are the office of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, his badge and the standard of the President of Kazakhstan. Next to the study there is a Majilis hall, a dining room, a fireplace room, a recreation room, a winter garden and other premises. Gifts of presidents of various countries, commemorative awards and symbols of power are also widely presented. The museum has the opportunity to visit the small office of the first president, the Security Council Hall, the Dome Hall, the Silver Hall, two reception rooms.