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Shalkyma Concert Hall

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Date Time Hall Price
11.06.2023 17:00 Зал "Шалкыма" от 5 000 тг. Buy
Date Time Hall Price
18.06.2023 17:00 Зал "Шалкыма" от 1 000 тг. Buy
Date Time Hall Price
20.06.2023 18:30 Зал "Шалкыма" от 500 тг. Buy

Address: Kostenko Street, 7.

Contact number: 8 7212 41 13 14.

Bus stop: 15th shop station.

Distance from the station: 650 meters.

Entrance: from the side of Kostenko street.

Parking: ground parking in front of the concert hall. Free of charge. Check-in from the street Kostenko.

The building where the concert hall of Shalkyma in Karaganda has always been the center of the cultural life of the city. It was built in 1939, according to the decision of the then acting Regional Executive Committee. At that time Karaganda was built as on yeast and it is noteworthy that the basis of the architectural plan, on which the object was built, was the design of a public bath. It was modernized and after a short period of time, the city opened its doors to a cinema for 450 spectators. It had a festive atmosphere. Long before the start of the session, parade dressed workers from local businesses came to listen to an orchestra playing in the hall and dance a waltz.

As a cinema house, October existed for almost 50 years, until 1985. Then, due to the fact that it had good acoustics, it was reconstructed into the first concert hall in the city, and in 1992 it was renamed into Shalkyma.

Shalkyma's poster in Karaganda

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