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Date Time Hall Price
15.09.2020 19:00 Зал от 5 000 тг. Buy
Date Time Hall Price
26.09.2020 21:00 Зал от 6 000 тг. Buy
Date Time Hall Price
11.12.2020 20:00 Зал от 8 000 тг. Buy

Address: Мicrodistrict 4, house 1a.

Contact number: 8 (778)-888-80-39, 8 (707)-197-87-77, 8 (707)-690-09-82.

Metro: Moscow station.

Distance from the station: 1 100 meters.

Entrance: from Altynsarin Avenue.

Parking: ground parking for 20 cars. Check-in from the side of Altynsarin Avenue, in the yard. Free of charge. 

Ground parking for 20 cars. Entry to the yard from the side of Altynsarin Avenue, access through the barrier. Paid, 1 hour - 200 tenges.

The Motor Nightclub is an area of incendiary rock 'n' roll. 

They performed here: 

  • Pa Kampasam;
  • Julia Kogan; 
  • Trubetskoy; 
  • Motor-Roller and many others. 

In addition, there is a karaoke room, strip dance, alcoholic and hookah bars.  You can find the schedule of the Motor Club on the Ticketon website and buy tickets online for the Motor concert.