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Palace of Sports "Kazakhstan"

Address: Kazhymukana Street, 7.

Entrance: from the side of Kazhymukan Avenue.

Bicycle parking: in front of Sports Palace Kazakhstan.

Parking: ground parking for 20 cars. It is free of charge. Check-in from the side of Kanysh Satpayev Street.

The Kazakhstan Palace of Sports in Astana has been operating for over 15 years. During this time, a lot of competitions have been held within its walls and daily attendance is more than 2000 people a day. Both amateurs and professional athletes of various ages come here for training.

The sports complex was developed taking into account the climatic peculiarities of the capital. On its territory, with a total area of 22,000 square meters, there are both open and closed areas. There are additional halls for acrobatic and power training, tennis court, mini football field, and choreographic hall. On average, more than 5000 people are enrolled in various sections such as swimming, fitness, judo, jiu-jitsu, self-defense, aikido and boxing. But the main zones in it are a swimming pool and an ice arena, so the main colors of the sports palace are ultramarine and metallic, symbolizing water and ice.

Freezing and heating water

The main place of the complex, of course, is the ice arena. The ice rink is covered with artificial transparent, smooth ice produced by a special refrigeration unit. Until a certain time, this place was a home arena where Barys hockey club trained. It is also worth saying that the ice field is covered with heat-insulating shields that allow you to equip the arena for other sporting events in just 40 minutes without melting the ice.

If we talk about the pool, it is covered, consists of 10 tracks, its length is 50 meters, depth is 3 meters, and the average water temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. The pool meets all requirements of Olympic standards and is rightfully considered the best in the capital. It regularly holds urban and national water polo championships. The country's swimming championships are also held here.

Features of the Palace of Sports Kazakhstan

From an environmental and economic point of view, Kazakhstan's sports complex is a unique and well-thought-out facility: the heat generated by the refrigeration machines at the rink is not released into the atmosphere, but is redirected through heat exchangers to heat the pool water. Thanks to this, the average annual saving is about 2.5 million tenges.

In addition, there are regular cultural and entertainment events: concerts and various shows. There was a concert as part of "Ankara Days in Astana" and an international festival of military bands, as well as a Du Soleil circus performance and a lot of interesting sports and cultural entertainments, are being prepared.

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