Шоу «Иллюзия Обмана» в Алматы
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Charyn Canyon

Charyn-dolina-zamkov-kurtogayy.Blast_Tour   однодневный тур

Trip plan:

07:30 Gathering of the group on the street. Baytursynov 100, between Abay avenue and st. Satpayeva
08:00 Departure. Along the way, narration of travel information
12:30 Walking tour of the Charyn canyon "Valley of castles"
14:00 Free time, walk in the surroundings
16:00 Gathering the group near the bus
16:30 Departure to Almaty

Time indicated is approximate and may vary depending on physical. preparation and punctuality of the group, as well as in unforeseen circumstances!

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Charyn Canyons:Black - Moon Canyon-Valley of Castles   тур

Place of departure: Almaty, Abaya 50, Circus parking

Tour program:

8:00 - Collection

8:30 - Departure

12:00 - Arrival at the Charyn Canyon

12:40-Descent to the Sharyn river (excursion, hiking)

15:20-Departure to the Lunar Canyon

16:00-Arrival at the Lunar Canyon

16:30 - Departure to the Black Canyon

17:00 - Arrival at the Black Canyon

18:00 - Departure to the city

21:00 - 22:00 - Arrival in the city

What should I take with me?

An ID card is required, a snack, a hat, a raincoat, comfortable shoes and clothes, a windbreaker, cash


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Charyn Canyon Tours

Чарынский коньон

Every country has its own wonders of nature. And we have a lot of them in Kazakhstan. One of the most famous and beautiful natural attractions is the Charyn Canyon. He will not leave anyone indifferent, touching invisible strings in his soul and forcing him to come back here again and again…

Not a single description of the Charyn Canyon, not even the highest-quality photo, conveys the amazing picture that appears before the eyes of travelers who come every year to admire its incredible «architecture». For 12 million years, like a sculptor, he worked on all this architecture, carving the most bizarre sculptures and sculptures out of the rocks. Weathering and erosion of rocks have created here such picturesque natural phenomena as, for example, the most picturesque «Valley of Castles», «Witches Gorge» and many others.

Чарынский коньон
The walls of the canyon resemble the towers of fairy-tale castles, arches and pillars, silhouettes of animals and people, and even a cell phone. For its natural beauty, Charyn Canyon is often compared to the famous Grand Canyon in Colorado.