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Kazakhstan 3D Petropavlovsk

Address: RK, Petropavlovsk, Internacionalnaya Street, 66.

Contact number: 8 7152 46 84 46.

Kazakhstan 3D Cinema in Petropavlovsk is the center of cinematographic art in the city. It is designed for 458 people and works from 10.00 am to 01.00 pm after midnight.

Kazakhstan 3D digitized cinema format

The single-screen cinema is equipped according to the latest standards of the film industry. It has been installed:

  • NEC cinema projector (production Japan);
  • DOLBY DIGITAL sound system (popular due to the present effect it creates);
  • high-quality screen canvas (included in the 10 largest canvases of the country).

The spacious auditorium is designed taking into account all the nuances that make viewing pleasant, namely: the distance of the screen to the back of the 1st seat and between the rows, the width of aisles and seats, calculated according to standard formulas. Thanks to this approach, your stay in the cinema will be as comfortable as possible. The beautiful interior of the institution, decorated in light and bright colors, also plays an important role. Its walls are painted with intricate patterns that are just interesting to look at.

Speaking of chairs. They have a convenient form, wide armrests with supports for drinks and are upholstered with soft material. When you're in them, you won't notice how much time a movie show will fly by.

Film schedule in Kazakhstan 3D cinema in Petropavlovsk.

In the Kazakhstan 3D film playbill, you will find only new movies. The main world and Kazakh premieres are released on the screen of this cinema without any delays, so you will be among the first to see the latest film premieres.

Genre diversity is also great here, and you are welcome:

  • Family cinemas;
  • Cinema disasters;
  • Fairy tales;
  • Fantasy;
  • Musicals;
  • Militants;
  • Detectives and much more.

Here you can always pick up a film that suits your mood! Besides all the necessary information about films is shown on plasma panels located in the foyer.

All for spectators.

For visitors, Kazakhstan 3D arranges various discounts and shenanigans, which are held in their social networks. The constant action is "Birthday party day", the person responsible for the celebration gets 1 ticket to any film show as a gift.

You can charge not only with positive emotions and impressions but also have a good snack in 2 food bars with a rich assortment. Bring juices, popcorn or chips - add flavor to your holiday!