Акмолинский областной русский драматический театр
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Palace of students named. W. Zholdasbekov

Address: Al-Farabi Avenue 71.

Contact number: 8 727 377-34-06, 8 727 274-20-62.

Entrance: from Timiryazev Street.

Parking: available, run from the side of Timiryazev Street. 
Parking for visitors free of charge.

Canteen: in place. 

The Palace of Students on the territory of Kazakhstan State University is named after the outstanding Kazakh scientist U. Zholdasbekov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, who is the author of more than 380 scientific works and 102 inventions and 10 patents.

The construction of the building was completed in 1989. Despite its monumentality, the building looks light, and all due to the fact that the architects raised it artificially, creating the effect of it floating in the air. Designed in the form of an octahedron, it has 4 wide sides and 4 narrow edges, which makes it remotely resemble a yurt. The 5-story structure is covered with a shell and is decorated with ornamental reinforced concrete grids, which in addition perform a sun protection function. In general, its appearance combines the traditions of national architecture and the main principles of modernism, while the Palace of Students in Almaty fits perfectly into the concept of the Kazakh State University of the City and resonates with the main building of the university campus.

In 2009, the fountain was reopened in front of the entrance due to the reconstruction.

Always young

Students' Palace - the concentration of fun and youth. Here in the concert hall, which is a part of the complex of Kazakhstani National University named after Al-Farabi, events of absolutely different orientation are held:

  • KVN meetings;
  • Concerts of pop stars;
  • Poetry evenings;
  • aityses, etc.

In addition, there are a various student and creative groups, such as the Bahyt Dance Ensemble and the Farabi Saza Orchestra. Each of them repeatedly participated in national competitions and won prizes.

The following artists have performed here: NE PROSTO ORCHESTRA, Chizh & Co, Olzhas Suleimenov, URKER, and many other contemporary artists.

The poster of the Palace of Students

If you would like to know more about the upcoming concerts at the Palace of St. John's the Baptist. У. Zholdasbekov, be sure to look at the site Ticketon. Here you will find the current poster of events in the city and can buy tickets for any of them via the Internet. You just need to choose what you like and click Buy and follow the instructions. For payment, you can use bank cards Visa and Mastercard, terminals, QIWI wallet, etc. All this will take you no longer than 15 minutes.

Also on this page, you will find the exact location of the Palace of Students and its phone number.