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General rules of the referral program 

Terms and conditions of our Referral Program

We are sure that you often buy tickets to Ticketon not only for yourself, but also for your friends, acquaintances, relatives, do not you?

We want them to become our customers too, and you have received a well-deserved reward for their efforts!

Recommend Living Brighter with Ticketon and get bonuses!

  • Each of our customers has a Personal Cabinet, inside which is stored a unique referral link
  • Share the link in any convenient way: on social networks, in a personal message in a messenger, on your blog, etc.
  • Of course, we will accompany the link with text, so it was clear what is what. But your friends are more likely to respond if you wholeheartedly advise us in your own words. For example, tell your friends how you shop easily and conveniently, that you always get the best seats, even for premieres that you get bonus points for your purchases, and you even get discounts and gifts from our partners.
  • As soon as you’re invited user makes their first purchase at Ticketon, your bonus account will be replenished with 200 bonuses.
  • And 500 bonus points for the first purchase, we will credit to your friend! 1 bonus = 1 tenge.

And remember:

  • Your friend must be a new customer for Ticketon - we have plenty of other active promotions for seniors.
  • The minimum purchase amount is only 3,500 tenge. That's literally a couple of movie or theater tickets. We'll be sure to alert your friend as soon as he or she clicks on the referral link. But just in case, remind him/her too, otherwise both you and him/her will not get bonuses. It would be a shame.
  • You can invite an unlimited number of friends, but follow the rules!
  • About how it is possible to use the bonuses, how much they «live», and what rules submit, it is written here.

What not to do:

  • It is strictly forbidden to send SPAM (mass mailings in personal messages of social networks, in groups and communities, in e-mail messages, etc.) to attract users.  We are not responsible if you will be punished for such actions by the administration of the relevant resources.
  • Strictly forbidden any creation of sites, mobile applications, extensions and groups in social networks on behalf of our service and using Ticketon logo to attract traffic by referral link. This also applies to pulling pages from Ticketon.kz within already existing applications and sites.
  • It is forbidden to use contextual, targeting advertising to attract referrals.

In some cases, bonuses may be withdrawn for other violations of the program terms and conditions:

  • In the event that Ticketon discovers fraud on your part in order to obtain the bonuses.
  • In the event that the number of friends invited for a promotion in one month is suspiciously high.
  • If your friend was rejected for any reason by Ticketon, or if Ticketon detected fraud on his or her part.
  • If your friend was previously a member of this program, but through a referral link from another user.
  • If Ticketon has caught the fact that you are making a purchase using the link instead of your friend.
  • Ticketon reserves the right to cancel the crediting of bonuses to the client in any other cases not listed above, but which may seem suspicious to the security service of the service.

Repeated violation of the rules leads to the blocking of the user and public contempt, remember that!

If you have a blog, a lot of subscribers, you are sure that your link will come dozens of new customers for Ticketon and you want to work with us on special terms - contact us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How many people can I invite?

As many as you like. The more people you invite, the greater the chance that one of them will become a Ticketon customer. But be correct and follow the rules!

       2. How will I know if I have earned bonuses for a friend?

You will be notified in your personal cabinet. You can also see all the details in "Bonus History" section of your profile

      3.  My friend bought tickets via my link, but neither he nor I got the bonus. What are the reasons?

There are several possible reasons:

A) Your friend followed the link, but then closed the browser and went directly to Ticketon. In this case the system has not recorded that it came from you.

B) Your friend made a purchase for less than 3,500 tenge. In this case no bonuses will be granted.

C) Your friend has bought at Ticketon before, or via websites, where our affiliate widget is installed. In this case he is also considered our customer.

If none of the reasons is ok, please contact our support team, we will try to find out what the problem is. [email protected]

      4. Why did my friend get the bonus and I did not?

Most likely you shared your referral link, but you have never bought at Ticketon yourself! We believe that you can only recommend to friends what you have tried yourself.

      5. How do I use bonuses?

The basic rules of the Bonus Program are described in this section.