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Whispers of the Steppe Wind

Whispers of the Steppe Wind

On March 22-23, the "Astana Ballet" Theater presents an evening of ballets united by national color and expressiveness, timed to coincide with one of the main holydays of the spring - Nauryz. This holyday has always been an important event in the life of nomadic peoples as the beginning of a new cycle, new spring, new deeds.

Like nature, which awakens from a long sleep, full of inspiration and new aspirations, the concert program "Whispers of the Steppe Wind" will be a sign of the approaching spring and universal national revival.

Choreographic miniatures on the national theme through the prism of modern music and choreography will be demonstrated in the framework of the “Arnau” concert program, and the one-act ballet of contemporary choreographer Mukaram Avakhri "Zhusan" will transfer to the atmosphere of the mysterious Great Steppe, the symbol of our Motherland.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this journey through the vast steppe, enveloped in legends and myths.