Концерт группы П****ФИЛЬМЫ

Женщина. Небо и Ад

Location: Almaty, Abaya 117, Theater young stage

Author play: Prosper Merime

Date premiere: April 7, 2023

Director: Ovlyakuli Khojakuli

Khudozhnik: Dina Buksikova

Actors: Arnur Kusaingazin, Ayarys Daukarayev, Aigerim Nurakhmetova, Chingiz Rash, Meruert Serikzhanova

Musical presentation: Daniyar Satybaldiyev

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes without anthracite

Age limit: 16+

In addition, the author of the comedy, which was proposed for the water, allowed us to meet with the people. Ten of them appeared in the scene of an unsurpassed figure, who told us to send our women. The irony is that many people will be able and will also be afraid of poverty. The heroes of this comedy have learned a noble grace to remove from hypocrisy. These are the authors and their judges in the hope that they are not enough, but the jokes do not justify themselves. Clara Gasoul